Palworld Controls: Master the Adventure on Any Platform

Palworld Controls: Master the Adventure on Any Platform

Ditch the keyboard fumbles, tame the wilds of Palworld! Whether you're a controller connoisseur or a keyboard crusader, this guide unlocks your true potential. Master combat combos, easily build empires, and wrangle Pals like a pro—no matter your platform. Get ready to conquer with precision and unleash your inner Palworld legend! And for the ultimate shared adventure, grab your Palworld server hosting today and build worlds together!

A Definitive Guide to Keybinds and Controls!

Get ready to tame the untamed, befriend adorable (and sometimes not-so-adorable) creatures, and conquer every biome in Palworld! Mastering the controls is your key to success in this exciting open-world adventure, and this guide will be your weapon of choice.

Dominate with Dexterity: Keyboard and Mouse Warriors

For the PC tacticians, the keyboard and mouse combo offers a classic and precise control scheme. Here's your essential arsenal:

palworld keyboard controls binding

Movement WASD
Jump Spacebar
Crouch/Slide/Ride Skill 3 C
Reload R
Partner Skill F
Throw Pal Sphere Q
Summon Pal/Ride Skill 2 E
Roll Ctrl
Sprint Shift
Pal Commands 4
Change Sphere 2
Change Pal (Left) 1
Change Pal (Right) 3

Controller Champions: Conquer with Comfort

Prefer the comfort of a controller? No worries, Palworld has you covered! Here's your gamepad glossary:

Jump A
Roll/Crouch/Riding Skill 3 B
Partner Skill/Reload X
Change Weapon Y
Summon Pal/Ride Skill 2 LB
Aim LT
Throw Pal Sphere RB
Attack/Riding Skill 1 RT
Sprint L3
Pal Commands L3
Change Pal Left or Right on D-pad
Change Sphere Down on D-pad

Unlock your inner explorer, master these controls, and unleash the full potential of your Pals! The untamed wilderness of Palworld awaits, ready to be conquered by your newfound command!