Palworld Pal Catching Guide: How to Be the Very Best

Palworld Pal Catching Guide: How to Be the Very Best

Welcome to the wondrous world of Palworld, where you can explore, build, battle, and befriend over 100 amazing creatures called Pals! This guide will give you the inside scoop on finding and catching your very own Pals to join you and your friends, on your own Palworld server hosting, on the adventure of a lifetime. Let's do this!

Essential Items for Catching Pals

First up is Pal Spheres. These colorful spheres are absolutely essential for catching wild Pals. Just chuck one at a Pal when its HP is low and voila - you've got yourself a new friend! Pal Spheres can be tricky to craft though. You'll need special Paldium Fragments to make them.

So how do you get Paldium Fragments, you ask? Excellent question! Here are some tips:

  • Explore ruins and defeat bosses - they'll often drop Fragments as loot
  • Help out NPCs by completing quests - Fragments are a common reward
  • Check junk piles and treasure chests - you never know where Fragments might turn up.

palworld pal spheres

Crafting Pal Spheres Step-by-Step

  1. Access the Technology Tab: After constructing the Primitive Workbench, navigate to the Technology tab to locate the Pal Sphere recipe. This functional item resembles a Poke Ball and enables you to capture Pals.
  2. Unlock Recipe: Spend one Stat Point to unlock the Pal Sphere recipe. Gather the required ingredients: 1 Paldium Fragment, 3 Wood, and 3 Stone.
  3. Obtain Ingredients:
    • Wood and Stone: Collect these materials from the ground and surrounding areas.
    • Paldium Fragment: Use a crafted pickaxe (requires 5 Stone and 5 Wood) to mine blue-colored ores for Paldium Fragments.
  4. Crafting Pal Spheres:
    • Return to the Primitive Workbench with all ingredients.
    • Craft the Pal Sphere to initiate your capturing endeavors.

Locating and Tracking Down Pals in Palworld

Pals are roaming all over Palworld, but knowing where to look will seriously increase your chances of spotting one for your Paldeck. Let's go over the top tips for locating and capturing different Pals!

Where to find them

Check the mini map often. Keep an eye out for any Pals roaming nearby. Their icons will pop up when they are within range.

Search in biomes that match the Pal's element. For example, electric Pals like Grizzbolt love hanging out in urban areas and forests.

Head to high vantage points and use your binoculars. Scan the area below to spot Pals from above. Hills, cliffs, and towers work great.

palworld screen map

Get Close to Capture it

Sneak up quietly if you see one. Get as close as you can without scaring it off, then toss some Pal food to grab its attention.

Have your net ready for Palworld Pal catching! Once engaged with the food, quickly equip your net and try to capture the Pal. Move slowly and calmly.

Use partner skills. Certain skills like Heal Bell can put nearby wild Pals to sleep, making them easier to catch. Utilize your partners!

Don't Give Up

Try again if a Pal escapes. It may still be in the area, just hidden. Keep searching persistently.

Swap out partners. Having partners with diverse skills and abilities will help immensely when tracking different Pals.

Capturing Pals:

Now equipped with the Pal Sphere, follow these steps to capture Pals:

  1. Hold the ‘Q’ button to ready the Pal Sphere.
  2. Release the button once you've targeted the Pal.

Increase your chances of a successful throw by employing the following methods:

  • Reduce the Pal’s HP.
  • Utilize Status Effects.
  • Lure the creature into a trap.
  • Sneak up behind the Pal and throw the Pal Sphere.

For beginners, it's recommended to capture smaller creatures, such as Chikipis, for an easier experience. Each creature has a Capture Rate displayed based on your technique.

For those who prefer a stealthy approach, slowly walk behind the Pal and cast the Pal Sphere. Remember, you can carry up to five Pals at a time, and any extras will be transferred to the Palbox. To allow your Pal to roam freely, use the ‘E’ button.

Catching Techniques and Strategies in Palworld

Sneak and Weaken

Pals will be easier to catch if you approach them slowly and quietly from behind. Once you're close, then you can throw the Pal Sphere. Caution - no running or they'll flee!

You can lower a Pal's health by battling them first before throwing the Pal Sphere. The weaker they are, the higher chance you have of catching them.

Use Berries

Some berries can make a Pal more friendly and easier to catch when you throw them on the ground near the Pal first. Experiment to see which berries work best!

Patience, Patience, Patience!

You may need to throw multiple Pal Spheres before successfully catching a Pal, especially stronger or rarer ones. Don't give up - you'll get them eventually!

Wait until the ring surrounding the Pal is at its smallest, then throw your Pal Sphere. This boosts your chances of a successful catch.

palworld boss azurobeThe Right Throw and the Right Sphere

Throwing a curved Pal Sphere seems to improve your odds over a straight throw. It takes practice, but it's worth learning!

As you level up, you'll get access to better Pal Spheres that have a higher catch rate. Use your strongest one for difficult catches.


Keep an eye out for Catch Bonuses that temporarily make catching easier, like weather boosts. Take advantage of them when you can.

Have fun exploring all the different catching techniques as you build an amazing Pal collection! With some practice and patience, you'll be catching Pals in style. Gotta catch 'em all!

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