Palworld: How to play with friends

Palworld: How to play with friends

Palworld and Its Co-Op Features

Hey friends, are you ready for an epic adventure in the wild world of Palworld? This quirky life simulation game lets you explore, build, and battle alongside your best buddies, on your Palword server hosting, in four-player online or local co-op mode.

With co-op, you and your crew can team up to gather resources, construct shelters and farms, and train loyal Pals to help protect your homestead. Hunt wild creatures together or take on challenging boss battles - you'll get special rewards when you cooperate!

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Palworld's vibrant, blocky graphics and sandbox elements make it easy to shape the environment. Mold hills, dig mines, even reroute rivers when you work together. And if you feel like questing, side activities like fishing, cooking, and crafting are more enjoyable with friends.

Trading Pals and items is a snap in multiplayer. If your friend has an amazing Pal that you'd love to try out, they can send it your way. You can also easily share resources like wood, stone, and food.

How to Play Palworld With Friends: Setup and Connectivity

Hey there adventurer! Ready to explore the wacky world of Palworld with your best buds? Let's get you connected and playing together in just a few easy steps.

  • First, the host player needs to enable multiplayer mode when creating a new world or switch to multiplayer in World Settings if loading back into an existing world. This allows others to join the fun.
  • Next, the host needs to pause the game and select the Invite Code to get the unique code to give to your friends.
  • For players joining the server, select Join Multiplayer Game from Palworld's main menu, pop in the IP address, and click join - and presto! You'll be transported right into your friend's game world.
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Maximizing Fun in Palworld Co-Op Mode: Tips and Strategies

Palworld is way more fun with friends! Here are some peppy tips to maximize your co-op enjoyment:

Job Assignments

Assign your Pals specific jobs like mining, fishing, or chopping trees so you can gather resources faster. You'll be swimming in iron ore and lumber in no time!


Have your tankiest Pal lead the charge into battle against tough rare Pals. That way they'll soak up lots of damage while your ranged Pals pelt away from safety. Teamwork makes the dream work!

World Settings

Fiddle with the world settings! Crank up the difficulty if you want a white-knuckled challenge or dial it down for a more relaxed experience. Customize mob spawns and resources to match your playstyle.


Build a thriving town together! Coordinate on crafting stations, defenses, and housing. Many hands make light work - and quick progress.

Help each other with quests and donate useful items to your friends. Sharing is caring in Palworld!


Go on exciting expeditions to unexplored lands. The discoveries you'll make as a team are incredibly rewarding.

With some coordination and communication, you'll get the most enjoyment out of playing with your best buds. Now get out there and start your co-op adventure!

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