Palworld: How to Access the Secret Custom Difficulty Menu

Palworld: How to Access the Secret Custom Difficulty Menu

Unleash your inner architect within the wilds of Palworld! Crave a hardcore hunt where predators chomp through steel armor like popcorn? Or yearn for a chill crafting haven where Pixions queue up for your gourmet potato mash? The wait is over! Custom difficulty settings are here to bend this pixelated wilderness to your will.

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A Deep Dive into Custom Difficulty

So you've chosen to ditch the pre-fab paths and forge your own in the crucible of custom difficulty. Excellent! But with great power comes great responsibility (and the potential for pixelated peril). Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what you can tweak to truly make Palworld your own.

Welcome to the Workshop

palworld custom world settings difficulty

As you can see in the image, the custom difficulty settings menu resembles a mad scientist's tinkering station. Each slider represents a facet of your Palworld experience, just begging to be twisted and prodded. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Environmental Rigidity: Crank up the "Day Time Speed" and "Night Time Speed" sliders if you thrive on a whirlwind pace, or drag them down for a more languid, strategic adventure.

  • Resource Roulette: Feeling masochistic? The "EXP Rate" and "Pal Capture Rate" sliders let you turn resource scarcity and critter wrangling into an exercise in desperation (or, conversely, into a cakewalk if you prefer).

  • Pal Power Play: Want your Pals to be glass cannons that hit like trucks (and shatter just as easily)? Adjust the "Damage from Pals multiplier" and "Damage to Pals multiplier" accordingly.

  • Hunger Games: Feeling peckish, pioneers? The "Pal Hunger Depletion Rate" and "Player Hunger Depletion Rate" sliders control how often you and your furry companions need to hit the snack shack.

  • Stamina Surge (or Slump): Tweak the "Pal Stamina Reduction Rate" and "Player Stamina Reduction Rate" to determine how quickly you and your Pals get winded from frolicking (or fleeing) through the wilderness.

palworld custom settings difficulty page 2

  • Maximum Number of dropped items: Make the ground shimmer with loot or turn every scrap into a hard-won prize – it's your world!
  • Gatherable Items Multiplier/HP/Respawn Interval: Fine-tune resource acquisition. Crave a land of instant gratification or a desolate hellscape where every berry is a trophy? Go wild!
  • Dropped Items Multiplier: Rain gears from the heavens with a maxed-out setting or turn every battle into a meager coin toss – the choice is yours!
  • Time to Incubate Massive Egg: Dial in the gestation period for those coveted behemoths. Instant monster mash or epic reveals – you decide!
  • Enable Raid Events: Throw down the gauntlet with pirate penguins and rampaging robots, or keep things peaceful (and potentially uneventful).
  • Death Penalty: Choose your post-mortem punishment. Drop everything for a hardcore thrill ride or keep all your loot for near-immortality.

Remember: Every slider adjustment has a ripple effect. Tinkering with capture rates might require tweaking resource availability to maintain balance. Upping the challenge by making Pals glass cannons might necessitate slowing down time to give yourself a fighting chance. Experimentation is key!

Pro Tip: Before venturing into the wild with your custom settings, create a new save file to avoid corrupting your original game. Trust me, you don't want to accidentally turn your chill Palworld into a Darwinian nightmare and lose hours of progress.

With a little planning and a dash of mad-scientist spirit, you can sculpt your Palworld into the perfect paradise (or pandemonium) of your dreams. So go forth, pioneers, and bend this pixelated world to your will!

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