ARK Survival Evolved Admin Commands Guide

ARK Survival Evolved Admin Commands Guide

Here's an extensive guide to the various admin commands in ARK: Survival Evolved. It's crucial to remember that these commands should be used responsibly. Misuse can disrupt the gameplay experience for others and even cause technical issues with the game itself. Please bear in mind that you will need to be in single-player mode or have admin privileges on a server to use these commands.

Enabling Admin Commands

Before you can use any of these commands, you'll need to enable the admin command console. Here's how to do it on different platforms:

  • PC: Press 'Tab' on your keyboard.
  • Xbox: Press 'LB, RB, X, and Y' simultaneously.
  • PlayStation: Press 'L1, R1, Square, and Triangle' simultaneously.

After opening the command console, you will need to enter the admin password if you're on a server. Once done, you'll have access to the admin commands.

Admin Commands in ARK: Survival Evolved

Here are some of the most common and useful commands:

  1. God: The player character becomes invincible.Usage: God
  2. Fly: The player character can fly.Usage: Fly
  3. Ghost: The player character becomes invisible and can pass through objects.Usage: Ghost
  4. Walk: Deactivates 'Fly' and 'Ghost' commands and makes the player character walk on the ground.Usage: Walk
  5. Teleport: Instantly teleports the player character to the crosshair location.Usage: Teleport
  6. TeleportToPlayer [PlayerID]: Teleports the player character to another player's location.Usage: TeleportToPlayer <PlayerID>
  7. SetPlayerPos [x y z]: Teleports the player character to specified coordinates.Usage: SetPlayerPos <x> <y> <z>
  8. Summon [EntityID]: Summons a creature at the player character's location.Usage: Summon <EntityID>
  9. GiveItemNum [ItemID] [Quantity] [Quality] [Blueprint]: Gives the player character a specified item.Usage: GiveItemNum <ItemID> <Quantity> <Quality> <Blueprint>
  10. AddExperience [Amount] [FromTribeShare] [PreventSharing]: Adds experience points to the player character.Usage: AddExperience <Amount> <FromTribeShare> <PreventSharing>
  11. SetTimeOfDay [Time]: Sets the time of day. Time is expressed as "hh:mm".Usage: SetTimeOfDay <Time>
  12. Kill [Target]: Instantly kills the specified target.Usage: Kill
  13. DoTame: Instantly tames a creature.Usage: DoTame
  14. ForceTame: Instantly tames a creature, and it can be ridden without a saddle.Usage: ForceTame
  15. DestroyAll [ClassName]: Destroys all entities of the specified classname.Usage: DestroyAll <ClassName>
  16. Weather [WeatherType]: Changes the current weather to the specified type.Usage: Weather <WeatherType>

These commands provide a great deal of control over the game, but they can also be potentially game-breaking if used improperly. Always remember to use them with caution, and ensure they contribute to a fun and balanced gaming experience for all players.

A more comprehensive list of all available commands can be found on the official ARK Wiki. Remember to replace the brackets and the text inside them with the actual parameters without any brackets. For example, TeleportToPlayer <PlayerID> could look like TeleportToPlayer 123 if you wanted to teleport to the player with the ID of 123.

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