Palworld: Everything We Know So Far

Palworld: Everything We Know So Far

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What Is Palworld? An Overview of the Controversial New Game

Palworld is an upcoming open-world survival game set on a mysterious island inhabited by strange creatures. Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld has been described as a satirical commentary on how we view animals.

In Palworld, you play as an explorer stranded on an island after a shipwreck. Your goal is simply to survive in this unfamiliar and dangerous land. The island is populated by odd creatures called “Pals” that resemble real animals like dogs, cats, and bears. However, these Pals exhibit strange and sometimes disturbing behaviors. Some Pals act like faithful companions, while others are outright hostile.

  • Players can capture, train, and breed different Pals. You'll need to feed, groom, and form bonds with your Pals to keep them happy. Different Pals have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that you can utilize.
  • The island environment is dynamic and ever-changing. Explore forests, mountains, beaches and caves as you search for resources to craft tools, weapons, shelters and more.
  • You'll encounter hostile creatures and even other players. Team up or fight to defend your territory and resources. Forge alliances or go it alone in this dangerous world.
  • Palworld aims to make a statement about human dominion over animals and nature. The strange and unsettling Pals in the game represent this relationship in an exaggerated, satirical way.

Palworld is shaping up to be an intriguing open-world survival experience with a message. While still in early development, this unusual game is one to keep an eye on. The mix of survival gameplay with social commentary on how we view and treat animals could make for a memorable experience.

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Key Features of Palworld Gameplay

Palworld is shaping up to be an exciting open world survival game, filled with fantastical creatures and adventures. As a player, there are some key features you'll want to know about to get the most out of the experience.

Capturing and Utilizing Pals

One of the most unique aspects of Palworld is the ability to capture and make use of Pals, the elemental creatures inhabiting the world. Once captured, Pals can become your allies and help you with various tasks like building structures, crafting items, growing crops, mining resources, and defending your base. With over 100 types of Pals, each with different skills and powers, creating the perfect team to complement your playstyle is part of the fun.

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Base Building and Crafting

Like many survival games, establishing a base of operations and crafting gear are central to progressing in Palworld. You'll need to construct a shelter to protect yourself from enemies and the elements. Build workstations to craft weapons, tools, clothing, and other supplies. Farm crops and raise Pals to create a sustainable food source. The options for creativity are endless!

Multiplayer and PvP

While Palworld can be enjoyed as a single-player experience, multiplayer and player vs player combat open up a whole new level of excitement. Team up with friends to capture rare Pals, take down formidable foes, and build epic bases. Or test your skills against other players in battle arenas and open world PvP. The political system also allows groups to claim territory, set laws, and wage war over land control.

With capturable creatures, crafting, base building, and multiplayer, Palworld aims to provide a deep open world survival experience like no other. The road ahead is filled with adventure, so get ready to dive in!

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Palworld FAQ

Palworld will cost $29.99 USD on Steam when it is released on January 19th, 2024.

Palworld will be released on Steam on the 19th of January, 2024.

Yes Palworld will be released on Xbox on January 19th 2024. It will also be available on Xbox Gamepass.

No, Palworld will not be released on PlayStation as far as we know. It is an Xbox exclusive. 

No, on the release date, Palworld will not be cross-platform, but there is hope in the community that this will come at a later date.

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