Palworld Fighting Guide: Get Ready for Fisticuffs!

Palworld Fighting Guide: Get Ready for Fisticuffs!

An Introduction to Fighting in Palworld

Get ready to rumble, folks! Fighting is a big part of the Palworld experience, so let's break down the basics.

When you encounter enemies on your Palworld server hosting, you'll go into third-person combat mode. Move your character with the left stick and control the camera with the right. You've got light and heavy attacks, blocks, dodges, and more to take down foes.

Your Pals can join the fray too! Summon them into battle and they'll lend a hand (or paw, or wing!). They have their own movesets and you can even perform combo attacks together.

Fighting is fast-paced and strategic. Master positioning, combos, timing, and using your Pals effectively. With practice, you'll be a champion fighter leading your Pals to victory!

Also there is elements in Palworld which are used in combat.

Choosing Your Pal for Battle

Hey friend, listen up! When it comes time to throw down in Palworld, you gotta pick the right Pal to have your back. Here's what you need to know:

Pay attention

To those elemental strengths and weaknesses on the type chart. Bring a Grass Pal against a Water opponent, or an Electric versus a Flying. You get the drift. Capitalize on those sweet, sweet type advantages!

palworld Element

Check your Pal's Traits

Some are born fighters with boosted attack or health. Others can summon weather effects in battle. And certain personalities like Cool or Tough Pals will relentlessly pursue victory.

Don't forget about move sets! A Pal with hard-hitting offensive moves can really bring the pain. Or go for status-inflicting attacks to paralyze, poison, or burn foes. The choice is yours!


Items and held items can give your Pal an edge too. Equip a Power Band to increase attack, or a Focus Sash for survivability. Use X Attack or X Defense to buff your Pal before the match.

Key Fighting Techniques and Combos in Palworld

Time to get down and dirty! When your Pal gets in a scuffle, you'll want to unleash some sweet moves. Here are the juiciest fighting tips:

palworld pals info lamball

  • Go on the offensive! Use normal attacks like Punch, Kick, and Tackle to deal damage. Button mash for fun combos!
  • Mix in special attacks like Fire Blast or Aqua Jet when they're charged up. These deal extra hurt!
  • Play defensively with abilities like Protect or Heal to stay in the fight longer. Block, evade, and restore HP.
  • Use the elemental system! Fire scorches Grass, Water douses Fire, etc. Exploit those weaknesses, avoid resistances.
  • Customize your Pal's 4-move skill loadout. Pick complementary attacks and abilities that match their strengths.
  • Level up to learn new moves and increase stats. More power! Higher combos!
  • Use items like Potions to heal up. Grabbing food provides buffs. Utilize your inventory.
  • Lead off with a heavy attack, then follow up with lighter rapid hits. Knock 'em down, keep 'em down!

Advanced Strategies for Dominating Fights in Palworld

Ready to take your Palworld fighting skills to the next level? Follow these pro tips and you'll be dishing out KO's in no time:

Poison 'em up!

Pals like Cinnamoth who can poison enemies are clutch. The damage over time effect whittles down your foe's health while you focus attacks. Try combining Cinnamoth with a heavy hitter like Mammorest to quickly overwhelm adversaries.

Time your dodges

Many enemy attacks can be avoided by dodging at the right moment. Pay close attention to attack animations and patterns to master the timing. A perfectly timed dodge leaves your opponent open for counter strikes!

Use the Arena

Look for environmental advantages you can leverage in battle. Kick barrels at enemies or lure them into hazards for extra damage. Getting the jump on opponents from high ground gives you an edge.

palworld boss grizzbolt

Swap Pals mid-fight

If one of your Pals gets low on health, tag in a fresh fighter with full HP to keep up the pressure. Constantly rotating your team is key against tough bosses.

Level up your dream team

A diverse team of specialized Pals that complement each other's abilities and cover different weaknesses is essential. Work on leveling up your MVPs first.

Kit out your Pals

Don't forget to equip new weapons, armor, accessories, and items you collect to boost your Pals' stats. The right gear makes a big difference!

Palworld Fighting FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

Level up your pal by defeating enemies together! The more you fight, the more XP your pal will gain, increasing their stats. Make sure to alternate attacks with your pal to share XP. Also equip gear like the Iron Helmet to boost stats.

Kite enemies and trade aggro back and forth with your pal. Let them tank hits while you regen, then draw aggro so they can recover. Use the terrain to your advantage and don't be afraid to run if overwhelmed!

Absolutely! Having additional creatures by your side is a huge help. Capture some Glass Lizards or Mud Runners to support your pal in fights. Just watch their loyalty!

Pack health items like bandages, healing balm, and cooked meat. Apply them to your pal during battle when their health gets low. And don't forget about overshields for temporary protection!

Prioritize armor, shields, and weapons. The Iron Helmet, Kite Shield, Iron Sword are great picks. Enchanted gear adds buffs too. And don't forget saddles for mounted combat!

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