Minecraft Horse Guide: Breeding and Taming 101

Minecraft Horse Guide: Breeding and Taming 101

Minecraft is a vast sandbox game with endless possibilities. Among them is the ability to interact with various creatures that inhabit the Minecraft universe, including horses. Horses are incredibly useful in Minecraft for transportation, exploration, and even for their aesthetics. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of handling, breeding, and taming horses in Minecraft.

Finding Horses

Firstly, you'll need to find a horse. Horses commonly spawn in the plains biome and the savanna biome. They usually spawn in herds of 2-6, and each horse has a unique color and pattern. Some horses may spawn with a foal (baby horse).

Taming Horses

Taming a horse in Minecraft is a simple but somewhat luck-based process.

  1. Empty Hand: Make sure your hand is empty. Horses cannot be tamed if you are holding anything.
  2. Right Click: Approach the horse and right-click on it to mount. The horse will start to buck and will try to throw you off.
  3. Persistence: You will be thrown off several times, but don't be discouraged. Keep mounting the horse. Eventually, you will see heart particles around the horse, indicating that the horse is now tamed.

Remember, each horse has its own temper, so some horses might take longer to tame than others.

Equipping Horses

Once you've tamed your horse, you can saddle it up and put armor on it.

  1. Saddle: To control the movement of your tamed horse, you'll need a saddle. Open your inventory, drag the saddle to the saddle slot in the horse's inventory to saddle the horse.
  2. Armor: Horse Armor can be equipped to protect your horse from damage. It comes in Iron, Gold, and Diamond variants, with Diamond providing the highest protection. Similar to the saddle, open your inventory and drag the horse armor to the armor slot in the horse's inventory.

Minecraft Horses Guide

Breeding Horses

Breeding horses in Minecraft can lead to the birth of a foal. Here's how you can breed horses:

  1. Golden Food: Both horses need to be tamed first. Then, feed them Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. These items can be crafted or found in various chests scattered around the Minecraft world.
  2. Breeding: After feeding the horses, they will enter "Love Mode." They will move close to each other, and after a few seconds, a foal will appear. The foal will have characteristics, such as color and markings, from one or both parent horses. One stop closer to having, the best horse.
  3. Growing the Foal: The foal will take about 20 minutes to grow into an adult horse. You can speed up the growth by feeding it apples, golden apples, hay bales, or golden carrots.


Horses are a fantastic resource in Minecraft, offering both a speedy transportation option for traversing a Minecraft game server and a charming companion for your adventures. Finding, taming, and breeding horses add another exciting aspect to your Minecraft journey. Remember to equip them properly for protection and to prepare the right food items to breed them. Whether you are a veteran player or a Minecraft newcomer, this guide will hopefully help you master the art of horse handling in the vibrant world of Minecraft. Happy riding!

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