Palworld Fast Travel Guide: Getting Around Quickly

Palworld Fast Travel Guide: Getting Around Quickly

What Is Fast Travel in Palworld?

Fast travel allows you to quickly zip around the vast open world of Palworld! Instead of hoofing it on foot everywhere you go, fast travel lets you teleport instantly between unlocked locations within your Palworld server hosting. It's a huge time-saver.

  • To use fast travel, you need to activate special statues called Great Eagle Statues. These statues glow with a blue light and can be found all over the islands.
  • Interact with a statue to activate it. This unlocks that location as a fast travel point. The statue's light will turn green when activated.
  • Bring up your map anytime and select a activated fast travel statue to teleport there immediately. Whoosh - you've arrived!

Fast travel is essential for getting around efficiently in Palworld. Hunt down and activate those Great Eagle Statues whenever you see their telltale glow.


Unlocking Fast Travel Points

Hey friend, listen up! I'm gonna let you in on the secrets to zipping around Palworld in a flash. Those glowing statues you see towering over the landscape are your tickets to fast travel.

  • Just mosey on up to one of those big blue beauties and interact to permanently unlock it. Do a little dance, say a little prayer - then bam, it's yours! Now you can fast travel back anytime. So convenient!
  • Important tip: the base you build acts as a fast travel point too. Plop it down in a strategic spot, maybe near some prime hunting grounds or close to your favorite Pals.
  • To use a fast travel point, open your map and select the icon. Your character will be magically whisked away. It's like teleporting!

With enough unlocked points peppered around the map, you'll be able to bounce around Palworld with ease. Never waste time schlepping across long distances again.

Using the Map to Fast Travel

The map in Palworld is your guide to teleporting around the world quickly. Just open it by pressing M on keyboard or whatever button brings up the map on your platform. You'll see glowing blue and orange bird statues all over the map - these are your fast travel points.


Orange statues mean you haven't activated that fast travel point yet. Head to an orange point and interact with the statue when you're nearby to activate it. The statue will turn blue, meaning you can now fast travel to it anytime.

palworld map

Fast Travel

To actually fast travel, open your map again and select the blue travel point you want to zip to. Use the prompted command to open the fast travel menu, then select your destination. Whoosh! You'll magically teleport across the Palworld.

Be sure to activate any statues you come across to unlock more fast travel options. The more points you activate, the easier it'll be to bop around the world.

Utilize fast travel whenever you need to get somewhere far away quickly. It saves tons of time traversing long distances on foot.

Fast travel is free and unlimited, so take advantage of it as much as you want! Zoom from one end of the map to the other in an instant.

Fast Travel Tips and Strategies

Fast traveling around Palworld is a breeze once you know the tricks. Follow these tips to zip around the map in no time:

  • Unlock towers called Plateaus and glowing pillars called Great Eagle Statues. Just walk up to them and interact to add them to your fast travel network.
  • Access your Pal Box at any base to fast travel to unlocked points. No need to hoof it all the way back!
  • Strategically unlock cross-region fast travel points first. This allows big leaps across the map.
  • Scope out tall peaks and explore thoroughly to find hidden Plateaus. They often lurk in hard-to-reach places.
  • Fast travel to a nearby point, then walk or ride to your destination. It still saves loads of time versus traveling the whole way.
  • Don't forget to manually save first! Fast traveling doesn't auto-save your game. Nothing worse than losing progress.

Palworld Fast Travel FAQs

As you explore new areas, fast travel points will automatically unlock. Just walk up to one and you'll get a prompt to activate it. Now you can teleport there anytime from the map screen.

Major areas like towns have fast travel points, as do some camps, outposts, and other key spots. Open your map to see available points marked with a little icon.

You bet! Once a point is unlocked, simply open your map and select the point you want to travel to. Your character will instantly teleport there - no waiting or loading times.

Nope, you can fast travel as frequently as you want with no limits. Teleport away!

Fast travel in Palworld is 100% free. Use it as much as you want to zip around the map quicker.

Definitely utilize it to cut down on travel time for repetitive tasks like training Pals, storing items, or completing quests in areas you've already explored. It makes backtracking a breeze!

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