Palworld Paldium: How to Find These Rare Fragments

Palworld Paldium: How to Find These Rare Fragments

Acquiring Paldium Fragments in Palworld can be accomplished through two primary methods: gathering them from Paldium Ore or discovering individual fragments scattered on the ground.

How to find it

Pure Luck

In our experience, stumbling upon single fragments on your Palworld server hosting is the more likely initial encounter. By retracing your steps from the initial spawn point toward the massive Mammorest Pal, you'll notice a gleaming blue pickup just below it. This yields a crucial Paldium Fragment, often essential for specific objectives.

Focus on grassy areas like plains and meadows. The fragments like to hide there. Also try the beaches. The sparkle is easy to spot when scattered across the sand.

palworld paldium


A more dependable alternative involves harvesting multiple Paldium Fragments from luminous blue ore rocks scattered across the map. Head northeast from the first unlocked fast travel point to find these rocks near a stream and bridge. Utilize your wooden club or crafted pickaxe to extract fragments gradually.

Hot to Get It

Use your fists! Punch those glittering fragments repeatedly to break them apart into collectible pieces. It may take some time and effort, but it works. Just target the smaller deposits at first.

As soon as you can, unlock the Crusher technology. This handy tool speeds up smashing those stubborn Paldium Fragments tremendously.

Equip your Crusher and start swinging away. Much better! Now you can demolish the larger deposits too.

When your inventory fills up, take the fragments back to base and stash them. You'll need a steady supply once you begin crafting Pal Spheres and customizing your Pals.

Using Paldium Fragments in Palworld

Paldium Fragments hold significant importance, especially in the early stages of the game. One Paldium Fragment is required to craft a Pal Sphere, serving as the game's equivalent of a Pokeball. The same applies to the Palbox, a storage facility for your Pals that can be assigned tasks around your base.

palworld pal spheres

Given the pivotal role of Paldium Fragments in crafting, it wouldn't be surprising if additional uses emerge in the future. Many specialized items rely on it as a crafting ingredient. Regularly check your crafting bench and utilize the built-in crafting shortcut (Up on the D-pad) to explore various ways to incorporate Paldium Fragments into your endeavors!

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