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Why Choose

24/7 Customer Support

Fast reliable Customer Support.

One click install mods.

You can choose which Dayz mods you want and install them with one click.

Powerful Dedicated Servers

Our servers are high end Dell machines with E5 CPU's and SSD Drives so your server will never be short on resources.

Full FTP Access

With us you get full ftp so you can download all of your files (Excluding DLL Files).

Full Database access

You get full database access to all Dayz mods (Excluding Events Tables).

Free infiSTAR Admin Tools

Infistars awesome admin tools come free with every server (No Access To Files).

Multiple Locations.

We have most of the world covered with our global data centres. We are constantly adding more locations.

Instant Setup

Our automation means your server will be up in minutes no matter what the time.

Our Network

Our servers are hosted on 1GB ports in a 10GB network. We give our Games all the bandwidth they need.
Our network is specifically configured to deliver the lowest pings possible.
We have two 10GB fibres in different locations. Giving us unparalleled redundancy.
Redundant power diesel generators on-site, in-case of power outage. But with a direct connection to the electrical grid, power cuts are almost impossible.

Our locations worldwide consist of Dallas London Brisbane Paris choose when ordering.

Enjoy quality 32 Core dedicated Dayz Hosting