Minecraft Camels: Your Humpbacked Guide

Minecraft Camels: Your Humpbacked Guide

An Introduction to Camels in Minecraft

Explore Minecraft's deserts and savannas in style with your very own camel! In this guide, discover all you need to know about these humpbacked companions – from finding and taming them to personalizing your desert adventures. By the end, you'll be racing across the dunes and impressing friends with your camel expertise. Let's make the desert exciting!

Camels were introduced in Minecraft version 1.14, spawning in desert villages and surrounding biomes. These passive mobs won't attack you but will flee from players and other mobs. Camels, unique for their ability to carry items and transport players, can be tamed with a golden apple or golden carrot. Equip them with a saddle, and you're ready for a leisurely-paced ride through the desert.

Ideal for exploration, camels can jump up to 5 blocks high and carry chests for extended journeys. Their ability to go days without food makes them perfect for traversing vast sandy biomes. Whether you're embarking on an epic expedition, building a desert village, or enjoying scenic dunes, camels in Minecraft are the desert nomad's best friend.

Saddle up, explorer – the desert awaits your camel adventure!

Taming and Breeding Camels in Minecraft

minecraft camelCamels in Minecraft cannot be tamed, but they are designed to be friendly mobs who do not run away when you want to ride them. To breed camels in Minecraft, bring two camels into close proximity and feed them both a cactus. A baby camel will then spawn!

Riding Camels

Unlike horses, you do not need to tame a camel in order to ride them. Simply approach the camel and click on it with a saddle to ride it. Camels can travel very fast, even through desert biomes. Their humps also provide natural armor, so you won’t take as much damage from falls.

minecraft riding camel


Finding Camels

Camels naturally spawn in desert biomes, where they wander around aimlessly. They tend to gather in groups, so if you spot one camel, there are likely more nearby. Camels are most commonly found in hot, sandy deserts but they have also been seen roaming around in the occasional savanna.

Breeding Camels

To breed camels, you'll need at least two adult camels and some cacti. Bring the camels close together, within a few blocks of each other, and feed each camel one cactus. If the breeding is successful, a baby camel calf will appear! Baby camels take 20 minutes to fully mature. Breeding camels requires patience but it is rewarding to see the little camel calves running around.

Camels add life to the deserts of Minecraft. Whether you're riding, breeding or just spotting them in the wild, camels are a fun mob to interact with in your Minecraft world. Now get out there, saddle up your camel and go on an adventure!

Camel Mob Behavior and Sounds

Camels are delightfully whimsical mobs in Minecraft. Their silly behavior and sounds are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Wandering Nomads

Camels casually wander the deserts, avoiding hazards and obstacles in their path. They’ll ramble aimlessly, occasionally stopping to rest or snack on some cacti. If you saddle up and ride a camel, it will continue its carefree wandering with you on its back! Camels travel in small herds, so you may spot a few adults and babies roaming together.

Sounds of the Desert

The camel's sounds are as amusing as its wandering ways. Babies, known as camel calves, have the most entertaining sounds. They make an adorable grunting sound when getting up or laying down. Adult camels snort, grunt and make other funny noises too, especially when aggravated or trying to intimidate another mob. The sounds camels make in Minecraft really bring the desert biome to life!

Saddling Up

Once you find a camel, you can saddle and ride it by right-clicking on it with an empty saddle. Camels can hold up to two riders at a time, so grab a friend and go for a wander! Riding camels is a fun way to explore desert terrain and can help you cover ground more quickly. You’ll bounce around as the camel rambles, but it beats walking in hot desert biomes!

minecraft riding camel two players

Camels are a quirky mob in Minecraft that provides comic relief with their silly behavior and sounds. Whether wandering, grunting or giving players a lift, camels are sure to make you grin! Exploring deserts is much more fun when camels are involved.

Using Camels for Transportation in Minecraft

Camels are the perfect mode of transportation in Minecraft! Their humps may be humped, but these desert dwellers will get you where you need to go in style.

Carrying Your Gear

Camels can carry chests full of your equipment and supplies. Just equip the camel with a chest and fill it up with building materials, tools, weapons or whatever else you need. Your trusty camel companion will haul it all for you, allowing you to venture further from your base without worrying about inventory space.

Transporting Villagers

Need to move some villagers to your village? Camels make it easy! You can carry villagers on camels just like chests. Scoop up a villager, plop them on the camel, and off you go to their new home. No more frustrating attempts to push villagers where they need to go!

Adventure Together

The best part about camels is that two players can ride on one at the same time! Grab a friend, hop on your camel and set off on an adventure together. You’ll get where you’re going twice as fast and have company along the way. Camel convoys, anyone?

Ideas for Camel Pens and Stables in Minecraft

You have your camels, now it’s time to give them a home! Building a pen or stable in Minecraft for your humpbacked friends is super fun. Here are some cheerful ideas to get you started:

An Oasis Paradise

Create a desert oasis for your camels with palm trees, a small pool of water, and sandy dunes. Use leaf blocks, logs, and vines to design palm trees. Dig out a shallow pool and fill it with water. Pile up sand around the area to make dunes. Your camels will love their beachy getaway!

A Bedouin Tent

Design a tent like nomadic desert tribes use. Use colored wool or terracotta blocks for the tent roof and walls. Include patterned rugs, lanterns, and other decorations inside. Leave one side of the tent open during the day so your camels can come and go as they please. They’ll have shelter at night or in bad weather.

A Desert Rock Enclosure

Build an enclosure out of sandstone, smooth sandstone, and sandstone stairs. Create rocky overhangs and platforms at multiple levels. Include vegetation like cacti, dead bushes, and palm trees for an authentic desert vibe. Construct a gate to keep your camels safely inside. This rustic and natural-looking shelter is perfect for the desert biome.

Feeding and Watering Stations

Set up stations for feeding and watering your camels. Use hay bales, grass, wheat, carrots and other foods camels enjoy. For water, build small pools or use cauldrons filled with water. Your happy, well-fed camels will thrive and may even breed! Make sure to refill the food and water regularly.

With these cheerful enclosure ideas, your humpbacked friends will feel right at home in the deserts of Minecraft! Build a pen or stable, decorate it to match the biome, keep your camels fed and watered, and they’ll be your loyal companions on all your blocky adventures. Enjoy designing a perfect desert paradise for your Minecraft camels!


Embark on a Minecraft camel adventure with our guide! Learn to ride, tame, and breed camels effortlessly. Keep your camel's humps hydrated, gather wheat and hay bales, and choose the perfect name for your new companion. The desert becomes your playground with a trusty camel by your side. Don't wait! Saddle up, explorer - adventure awaits in the world of cubes. Plus, ensure a seamless experience with our recommended Minecraft Server Hosting. Happy hump day!

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