Minecraft Emerald Farming: Top Tips and Tricks

Minecraft Emerald Farming: Top Tips and Tricks

You love building epic structures and exploring the massive open world in Minecraft, but to create the best gear and trade with villagers, you need emeralds. Lots of them. Don't worry, we've got you covered with the best tips and tricks to start your own emerald farming operation. With these methods, you'll have chests overflowing with emeralds in no time and can finally get that enchanted diamond armor you've always wanted. Whether you prefer mining, trading, or constructing an automatic farm, this guide will show you the most efficient ways to get rich in Minecraft. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits and there are emeralds to be found! Grab your pickaxe, load up on supplies and let's get farming. The open road is calling, so come on - your emerald fortune awaits!

Understanding Emeralds in Minecraft

If you want to rake in the emeralds, you need to get trading! Villagers will happily part with their emeralds in exchange for items they desire.

The Best Trades

The farmer villager buys crops, the fisherman wants fish, and the shepherd will trade for wool. Stock up on wheat, carrots, potatoes, fish, wool, and whatever else they're buying, and you'll be swimming in emeralds in no time!

To speed up the trading process, build farms next to your villages that constantly produce the goods. Automatic crop, fish and wool farms will have you trading nonstop. The more you trade, the more their prices will decrease, so keep those trades coming!

Buried treasure chests are also a great source of emeralds. Grab a map from a cartographer villager and start digging! On average, buried treasure contains 2-3 emeralds. While not a huge payout, searching for buried loot can be exciting. If you find multiple maps, even better.

Raid bastion remnants and ancient cities as well. These structures were once inhabited by piglins and contain rare blocks and items, including emeralds. Be prepared for a fight though, as hoglins, piglins and brutes defend these areas.

With efficient farming, savvy trading, treasure hunting and raiding, you'll be the emerald tycoon of your server in no time. Now get out there, gather your goods, and start negotiating! The villagers are waiting.

The Best Biomes for Finding Emeralds

The Extreme Hills Biome Is Your Best Bet

If emeralds are what you're after, head to the extreme hills biome! This mountainous region is the prime spot for finding emeralds. You'll have the best luck searching exposed areas where you can see the actual ore blocks.

minecraft Extreme Hills Biome emerald area
minecraft Extreme Hills plus + Biome emerald area

Extreme hills are abundant with emerald ore, so equip your pickaxe and get to work! Dig around exposed areas, following the veins of ore. Cave systems winding through the mountains also frequently contain emeralds, so do some spelunking to uncover hidden deposits.

With fortune enchantments on your pickaxe, you'll be raking in the emeralds in no time! Fortune III is ideal for maximizing your haul. You can also trade with villagers to get fantastic deals using your newfound riches.

Other mountain biomes like windswept hills and gravelly mountains also contain emeralds, just not as frequently. So if extreme hills are scarce in your world, don't overlook other elevated areas. Where there are mountains, there are often emeralds!

minecraft windswept hills biomes

Happy hunting! With the right tools and techniques, you'll discover enough emeralds to make any villager trader green with envy. Emerald farming is a rewarding endeavor, even if it requires a bit of effort trekking up and down mountains. The thrill of the find and benefits of trading with your new fortune make it well worth it!

Strip Mining for Emeralds - Step-by-Step

Are you ready to go on an emerald mining adventure? Strip mining is an exciting way to search for rare emerald ores in Minecraft. Grab your pickaxe, shovel and torches—it’s time to start digging!

First, scout mountain biomes for signs of emerald ore. Look for small green flecks in the rock walls. Once you spot an emerald vein, mark the location so you can start mining.

Next, clear the area around the vein. Use your shovel to flatten the land and remove excess blocks and foliage. Make sure you have plenty of space to work and stash supplies.

Then, dig into the rock wall surrounding the emerald ore. Carve out a large open space so you have room to maneuver. Place torches as you go to light up your work area. Remove stone, dirt and gravel until you expose the emerald ore.

Now comes the fun part—mining the emerald ore! Equip your iron or diamond pickaxe and start chipping away at the rock. Each ore block will drop one emerald. Mine carefully around the ore so you extract every last gem.

Finally, transport your emeralds to a secure location. You’ve worked hard for these precious gems, so stash them in a chest in your base. Or, trade some emeralds with villagers to get rare enchanted books, armor and tools.

minecraft emerald crafting block of emerald gives 9 emeralds
minecraft emerald crafting 9 emeralds gives a block of emerald

Congratulations, you’re now an expert emerald miner! Keep searching mountain biomes to uncover more emerald ore veins. The more you practice, the faster you’ll get at spotting those gleaming green flecks in the rock. Happy mining!

Creating an Emerald Farm

You’ve got the villager trades down, now it’s time to create your very own emerald farm! This is the best way to get emeralds quickly and in large quantities.

To start, find a village and claim a few farmer villagers. Place them in a fenced area to keep them safe from zombies and confined for easy trading. Now you need to set up crop farms next to the fenced area so you can harvest crops and trade with the farmers right away.

Wheat, carrots, and potatoes are all great options for trades. Build farms for each crop - the bigger the better! Use bone meal to speed up growth and harvest fully grown crops. Trade the crops with your farmer villagers and watch the emeralds start rolling in!

Once you’ve traded for a while, the villagers will unlock higher tier trades with better deals. Keep trading to unlock all tiers and the best trades. The more you trade, the more emeralds you’ll get.

For infinite emeralds, make crop farms that automatically harvest and replant. Hopper systems below the farms will collect crops and dispense them right to you for trading. Villagers will never run out of trades, so you can farm emeralds 24/7!

To maximize your profits, zombify and cure your villagers to get the best trades at the cheapest prices. Build multiple crop farms and have lots of farmer villagers. The more stuff you have to trade, the more emeralds you’ll receive!

With some time and effort, you'll have chests full of emeralds in no time! Use your newfound riches to buy diamond gear, enchanted books, or whatever else you may need. Enjoy your prosperous emerald farm!

Top Tips for Maximizing Your Emerald Yield

You’ve got your emerald farm up and running, so now it’s time to maximize your profits! With these pro tips, you’ll be raking in the emeralds in no time.

Trade With Farmers

Farmers are the best for trading since they offer up to 4 different crop trades for emeralds. Focus on farming carrots, potatoes, wheat and beetroots which are easy to mass produce. You’ll be swimming in emeralds once you unlock all the farmer trades!

Librarians Love Books

The Librarian villager loves trading paper and books for emeralds. Set up a sugar cane farm, craft the paper and books, and you’ll get loads of emeralds. This is by far the most efficient way to get rich quick in Minecraft!

Cure Zombie Villagers

If a villager gets zombified, don’t despair! You can cure them back to a normal villager by splashing them with a potion of weakness and feeding them a golden apple. Cured villagers will give you major discounts, sometimes only charging 1 emerald for an enchanted diamond tool!

Build More Houses

The more houses you have, the more villagers can breed. And the more villagers you have, the more trades you can make! Construct a village with at least 20-30 houses so you’ll have a constant supply of villagers to trade with.

Zombie Sieges = Discounts!

When a zombie siege happens at night, some villagers may turn into zombies. Cure those zombified villagers the next day for big discounted trades as a reward for saving them! Zombie sieges are actually a great way to get cheaper trades.

Follow these pro tips and your emerald farm will be churning out profits day and night! You’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams in no time. Now get out there and start trading!


You now have all the information you need to become an emerald farming master in Minecraft. With a little patience and perseverance, you'll have chests full of emeralds in no time. So get yourself Minecraft Server Hosting, find a village, and put these tips and tricks to good use. Before you know it, you'll have more emeralds than you know what to do with and you'll be the wealthiest player on the server. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! So jump in, get mining, start trading, and build that perfect emerald farm. You've got this. Now go get rich!

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