Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts: Get Treasures From the Past

Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts: Get Treasures From the Past

Beyond the traditional activities of capturing and engaging in battles with vibrant creatures of diverse types, Palworld unfolds as a survival game, incorporating an abundance of building and crafting elements. While the initial crafting focuses on basic materials, as you delve into more advanced items, Ancient Civilization Parts become increasingly essential. Acquiring this resource poses a challenge and doesn't occur organically for most players. If you find yourself aimlessly exploring Palpagos in search of these parts, here's a guide on swiftly obtaining Ancient Civilization Parts on your Palworld server hosting.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts

Obtaining Ancient Civilization Parts is possible by defeating Alpha Pals and Dungeon Bosses. This process can be challenging, particularly if you and your partner are unprepared. Fortunately, both of these approaches are quite repeatable, offering players an easier means to farm these materials.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts from Alpha Pals

palworld mossanda luxAlpha Pals stand out among other Pals in the open world as they are larger than their counterparts and are marked on your map with distinctive indicators. These indicators typically appear as circles, providing information about the Alpha Pal's location and, upon hovering your mouse over them, revealing their level. This feature allows you to quickly assess whether you are equipped to confront them.

If you feel confident in facing the Alpha Pal, proceed to their designated location and engage in battle! Upon successfully defeating them, you should be rewarded with Ancient Civilization Parts for your endeavors.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts from Dungeon Bosses

Similar to the previously mentioned method, this approach also requires vanquishing a formidable Pal. However, this time, you'll be seeking them out within dungeons, adding an extra layer of complexity. It's important to note that dungeons have a limited existence of 300 minutes and will close down afterward. The respawn timing for dungeons is currently unknown, but the entrance remains consistent, requiring a bit of patience.

palworld dungeon

Exploring a dungeon can be challenging, particularly in layouts resembling caves. Dungeons exhibit diverse interiors, ranging from single rooms where the Dungeon Boss directly confronts you to intricate cave systems with labyrinthine layouts owing to the multitude of rooms. Navigating through the dungeon, you'll eventually encounter the boss. Overcoming the dungeon boss in battle will grant you Ancient Civilization Parts as a reward.


  1. Defeating tower bosses.
  2. Defeating or catching Alpha Pals (the boss-looking ones that have their own map icons)
  3. Defeating or catching lucky Pals.
  4. Opening chests found around the world.

Players can gain Ancient Technology Points by battling and taking down any of the Dungeon bosses, Syndicate Tower bosses, and Alpha Pals in Palworld.

Dungeon runs, mostly. The boss room treasure has a good chance of skill point manuals. A handful of world bosses have skill manuals in their loot drops, those are listed in the paldex.