Palworld Biomes: Understanding the world of Palpagos Islands

Palworld Biomes: Understanding the world of Palpagos Islands

Palworld’s world is full of a variety of different locales, where different types of Pals can be found within each of them. Here is your guide to all the biomes present within the land of your Palworld server hosting.

The Map as a whole

Before we dive into every Biome, lets take a look at it all! Welcome to Palpagos Islands, where a lot of the biomes are split up into segmented islands. This allows for a clear distinction between areas as seen here:

Palworld map

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Visually the contrasting Biomes are mostly pretty clear visually. However it’s still important to go over them all! With a black land of obsidian, to a separated desert. There’s a lot of variety for one to explore. Named locations aren’t all separate biomes. Bamboo Groves and Moonless Shore are both the same Biome for example! Partly due to how they are somewhat connected mini islands


Forest Biome

Upon starting the game, this is the biome you will first lay eyes on. A collection of smaller grassy islands with some slight variation here and there. Located within the centre of the map, this is home to many early game Pals for you to feast your eyes upon. Lifmunk, Pengullet, Hoocrates and many more live in this familiar natural environment. Forest Biome palworldpalworld lamball

Home to a lot of useful Pals early on, this biome is perfect for starting your adventure. Alongside this, easier dungeons can be found within the starting areas to help get to terms with gameplay! Likely, this will be where you start off your home before branching off into further biomes extensively.


Volcano Biome

Mount Obsidian is where you can find this biome to the west. Sprawling with hot lava and melting rock, this is an intense place for multiple reasons. Firstly, this area requires you to have any form of heat resistance. Tropical Coat or Resistant Pelt Armour can be crafted once unlocked from the technology tree, which are your best bet at combating the heat. A neat trick is that Ice-type Pals can help with this too! Cooling off any place they go to.

palworld hot landscape

palworld pyrin

Fire-type Pals are very common in this area like Pyrin, Bushi and Flambelle. Alongside some other Pals like Leezpunk and Fenglope. Looking for a Fire-type is best here, so try not to get flamed!


Desert Biome

Like Mount Obsidian, Dessicated Dessert requires the same protection. However, only during the day. At night it turns cold, requiring a change of clothes to Cold Resistant Pelt Armor. If you need to explore at night and lack this? A torch can also help keep you warm at night. Be prepared for the constant shift of the desert.

palworld sulfur

palworld digtoise

Pals here have more variety than the volcano biome. Fire-types can be found here, but the dessert contains many Ground-type and Electric-type pals. Beacon, Digtoise, Dinossum Lux and so many more can be found here! Get your sunscreen and sunglasses ready.


Snow Biome

This is the higher level biome of the game, where those around level 40 can tread deep waters (or ice in this case). Appearances deceive as despite it not looking much, there’s a lot of loot to be found like coal. Be careful though, like the desert night, the cold can take you like that. Cold Resistant Pelt Armor or torches help, alongside Fire-type Pals being your best friends in this land.

palworld quartzpalworld sibelyx

Unsurprisingly, Ice-type Pals typically reside here! From Cyolinx to Sibelyx to many more! Hot chocolate recommended to players on a cozy night


And that’s all the biomes! Which do you want to go to first? Maybe don’t go for Astral Mountains immediately but otherwise have fun!


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