Palworld Boss Order and Locations – Your Complete Guide!

Palworld Boss Order and Locations – Your Complete Guide!

Palworld and Its Bosses

Palworld's colorful world is filled with dangerous creatures known as Pals - and the biggest baddies of all are the bosses. Each boss in Palworld has their own area and guarding a portal to the next region on your Palworld server hosting. Defeating them is the only way to progress in this fantastical land!

This thrilling adventure awaits, so grab your Pals and get exploring - the bosses of Palworld won't defeat themselves!

Palworld Boss Order

The best order to defeat the Palworld bosses in is:
Zoe - Grizzbolt
Lily - Lyleen
Axel - Orserk
Marcus - Faleris
Victor - Shadowbeak

Zoe - Grizzbolt

Are you ready to take on your first big challenge in Palworld? Then head to the Forest Biome and prepare to battle the troublemaking duo, Zoe - Grizzbolt!

Located at the top of the Rayne Syndicate Tower, this pesky pair of pranksters aren’t going down without a fight. Bring your most powerful Ground-type Pal to withstand their Electric attacks, and equip some Revive Seeds in case things get dicey. Keep your distance when Zoe starts spinning - her Thunder Punch packs a mean punch!

palworld rayne syndicate tower

Once you defeat these mischievous monsters, you'll earn the Forest Badge and Grizzbolt's prized gauntlets. Wear them with pride, you've earned it! The gauntlets come in handy later for climbing cliffs and moving heavy objects.

With the first bosses out of the way, the world is your oyster! Venture to the Desert Biome to find the next boss, the notorious outlaw Jesse Bull. Rumor has it he’s guarding a rare Fire-type egg, so start training a Water Pal and cool that hothead down!

Lily - Lyleen

These quirky tower bosses are sure to put a smile on your face! Lily and Lyleen, the flower-loving duo, can be found on the 5th floor of the Free Pal Alliance Tower. To reach them, you'll need to defeat the first four bosses in the tower.

Once you arrive, get ready for an upbeat battle! Lily attacks with a makeshift watering can, soaking your Pals with water-type moves like Bubble Beam and Hydro Pump. Her brother Lyleen prefers planting explosive flower seeds that sprout into attacks like Petal Blizzard and Solar Beam. These sibling bosses are no pushovers!

palworld free pal alliance tower

To defeat this cheerful couple, bring a fire-type Pal and a strong ranged weapon. A fire Pal can melt Lily's water attacks while resisting Lyleen's grass moves. Equip yourself with a Makeshift Handgun or Musket to attack from a distance, avoiding their floral explosions. When one boss is defeated, the other will go into a rage, so focus your attacks!

With the right strategy and equipment, you'll blossom into victory over Lily and Lyleen. Defeating these quirky bosses earns you the Flower Crown, a handy headgear that boosts grass-type moves. The next tower boss awaits, so collect your reward and continue your climb!

Axel - Orserk

Are you ready for a fiery showdown? The twin bosses Axel and Orserk are the epitome of a hot mess. Found in the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower, these bosses are literally too hot to handle—unless you come prepared!

To challenge this troublesome twosome without getting torched, you’ll need heat-resistant equipment like the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor. Once you’re properly outfitted, head to the Volcano Biome and make your way to the tower in the southwest. Be at least level 40 and pack a powerful Double Barreled Shotgun.

palworld brothers of the eternal pyre tower

Axel and Orserk fight as a team, with Axel wielding a flamethrower and Orserk attacking from a distance with fireballs. Work together with your team to divide and conquer these hotheads. Focus fire on Axel first to eliminate his flamethrower, then turn your attention to Orserk. Watch out for their fire shield ability which makes them temporarily immune to damage.

When their health gets low, they’ll start using more dangerous attacks like Meteor Shower which calls down multiple fireballs from the sky. Take cover behind rocks to avoid getting fried! With teamwork and persistence, you’ll defeat this troublesome duo and finally beat some sense into these blockheads. The rewards for victory are well worth the heat—claim rare fire element gear and materials to craft powerful new weapons!

Marcus - Faleris

Get ready for an exciting battle, trainers! Marcus - Faleris are twin brothers who control the Desert Biome. To reach them, head to the Tower of the PIDF, located smack dab in the center of the desert. Be prepared for extreme heat during the day and frigid cold at night - wear Heat Resistant Pelt Armor and Cold Resistant Pelt Armor respectively.

Bring a Water-type pal and an Assault Rifle to take these two down. Marcus uses Fire-type pals, so your Water pal will have the advantage. Faleris prefers Electric-types, so Ground-types also work great against him. Focus your attacks on one brother at a time to defeat them.

palworld tower of the PIDF


When battling Marcus & Faleris, look out for their signature moves Heat Wave (Fire) and Thunder (Electric) - these can deal major damage to your team! Also watch out for their healing move Recover, which restores their health. You'll need to dish out damage quickly before they have a chance to recover.

Once you defeat Marcus & Faleris, you'll receive the Desert Badge which allows you to control Fire, Electric and Ground-type pals up to level 50 and a rare item! The Desert Biome will now be under your control. Way to go, you're one step closer to becoming the Palworld Champion!

Victor - Shadowbeak

Victor & Shadowbeak reside within the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, positioned in the Snowy Biome. Players must equip Cold Resistant Pelt Armor to endure the frigid climate of this region.

Shadowbeak is categorized as a Dark-type Pal and displays vulnerability to Dragon-type Pals. Despite this weakness, it stands as the most formidable boss in the game. Therefore, ensure thorough preparation and bring your best resources and strategies when facing off against this powerful boss.


The Alpha Pals can be found in specific locations around the Palworld map. Use interactive maps to pinpoint the lair of each boss and make your way there. Some bosses like Chillet and Sweepea roam around, so you may need to search the area they frequent.

For the early bosses like Chillet and Sweepea, level 25-35 Pals should do the trick. As you progress, you’ll want your Pals to be within 5-10 levels of the boss. Be sure to train your Pals and have a balanced team to take on these tough enemies!

Stock up on healing items like Potions, Ethers, and Revives before facing a boss. Elemental attack items like Fire Bombs or Water Torpedoes can be useful too, depending on the boss’s weaknesses. Don’t forget to equip your Pals with the best gear to boost their stats!

Yes, most bosses are weak to certain elements or attack types. Do some research to find each boss’s weaknesses so you can exploit them in battle. For example, Chillet is weak to Fire attacks, while Sweepea is vulnerable to Fighting moves. Elemental weaknesses are key to mastering these encounters.