Palworld Honey Hunting: Tips for Finding Liquid Gold

Palworld Honey Hunting: Tips for Finding Liquid Gold

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Unearthing the Sweet Hoard

Whether you seek instant gratification or sustainable bounty, honey hunting offers several paths:

  • Battle for Quick Drops: Engage in exciting battles with Pals like Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee, or Warsect – each defeat yielding sweet honey drops.palworld honey pals
  • Build a Buzzing Business: Capture hardworking Beegardes (or other honey-producing Pals) and place them on your ranch. These diligent creatures will continuously produce honey for you to harvest, ensuring a steady supply.palworld ranch honey
  • Explore & Seek Adventure: For the truly adventurous, explore the vibrant flower fields and lush forests in the northern part of the map. Be prepared to befriend (or battle) wild Beegardes or Elizabees guarding their treasure-filled hives – nature's own honey vaults! Remember, these bees fiercely defend their homes, so approach with caution and respect.
  • Trade Secrets: Honey is a valuable commodity! Barter with wandering merchants and outposts – you might find some eager to trade for the right items.palworld wandering merchant honey

Locating the Sweet Spots

The buzzing heart of beehive activity lies within the Mossanda Forest - coordinates are (284, 21) and (249, 44). Venture deeper and you'll be rewarded with the sight of swarming Beegardes – defeating them yields sweet honey drops. The mountain directly north of your starting point is another prime hunting ground, home to groups of smaller bee Pals called Elizabees. Just like their larger counterparts, they'll drop honey upon defeat. Keep an eye out for beehive structures made of honeycomb nestled within tree hollows or rock crevices. Buzzing activity is a giveaway – approach slowly and carefully to claim your prize.

palworld map mossanda forest

Palworld Honey FAQs

Battle Beegardes, Elizabees, or Warsect Pals for instant drops! Check with merchants for honey trades too.

Capture Beegardes (or other honey makers) and build a ranch! They'll keep the honey flowing.

Deep in Mossanda Forest for Tree Bee hives, or north of spawn for Elizabees. Explore flower fields cautiously for hidden treasures!

Use a shear to carefully collect honeycomb, melt it over a fire, strain, and store your golden goodness!

Tree Bee hives can hold a whopping 15 pounds! Wild hives vary based on size and resident bee type.

Heal up with that sweet nectar, craft tasty treats, preserve food longer, or trade for cool gear!

Befriend wild Beegardes or Elizabees near hives to turn them into helpful honey producers!