Reign Of Dwarf Steam AppID

Reign Of Dwarf Steam AppID

Reign Of Dwarf Steam AppID and how to download the dedicated server files with SteamCMD.

steamcmd reign of dwarf

Reign Of Dwarf is out. Here is a guide on downloading the files from SteamCMD.

  1. Download SteamCMD:
    • Visit the SteamCMD page on the Valve Developer Community website.
    • Download SteamCMD for your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux).
  2. Install SteamCMD:
    • For Windows, extract the downloaded ZIP file into a folder.
    • For macOS and Linux, you may need to apply execute permissions to the SteamCMD script.
  3. Run SteamCMD:
    • Open a command prompt or terminal in the folder where you extracted SteamCMD.
    • Run SteamCMD; it will update itself and open a command line interface.
  4. Log in to SteamCMD:
    • If you have a Steam account, log in with login [your username].
    • Otherwise, you can use an anonymous login with login anonymous.
  5. Set Install Directory:
    • Use the command force_install_dir ./ReignOfDwarf/ to set a directory where the game files will be downloaded.
  6. Download Reign Of Dwarf:
    • Use the command app_update 1999160 validate to download Reign Of Dwarf.
    • This will download the game files for Reign Of Dwarf using its Steam AppID (1999160).
  7. Wait for Download to Complete:
    • The download may take some time depending on your internet connection.
    • Once completed, the game files will be in the directory you set.
  8. Exit SteamCMD:
    • After the download, type quit to exit SteamCMD.

Remember, you need to have the appropriate permissions to run these commands and enough disk space for the game files. Also, ensure you're complying with Steam's terms of service when using SteamCMD. If you don't want to host your own you can always rent Reign Of Dwarf server hosting from us.

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