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There are titles we are selling the most amount of game servers for this month.

atlas game


Atlas is selling well this month with well over 400 orders. 


7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die popular as every with nearly 500 server sales this month. 

ark survival evolved

Ark Survival Evolved

Ark is still going strong, with well over 800 orders in a single month its still as strong as ever. 

An A-Z Listing

All games listed here are available for instant setup.

7 Days To Die from $10.10 per month
Alien Arena from $6.70 each month
Argo from $10.72 per month
ARK: Survival Evolved from $12.06 per month
Arma 2: Dayz Epoch from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Wasteland from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Atlas Life from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Desolation Redux from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Epoch from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Exile Mod from $13.39 per month
Arma 3: Vanilla from $13.39 per month
Atlas from $12.06 per month
Avorion from $16.16 per month
Battalion 1944 from $9.40 each month
Blackwake from $20.09 per month
Call of Duty 4 from $8.44 each month
Call of Duty: World at War from $9.40 each month
Citadel: Forged With Fire from $16.08 per month
Conan Exiles from $12.06 per month
Counter Strike from $6.00 each month
Counter Strike Global Offensive from $6.00 each month
Counter-strike: Source                    from $6.00 each month
Dark and Light                                   from $16.08 per month
DayZ: Standalone                             from $13.39 per month
Don't Starve Together                    from $12.12 per month
Eco Global Survival from $8.71 each month
Empyrion: Galactic Survival       from $15.04 per month
Factorio from $6.02 each month
Fear the Night                                from $13.39 per month
Garry's Mod                                    from $6.70 each month
GoldenEye: Source                      from $6.00 each month
Heat                                                                       from $10.07 per month
Hellion                                                                  from $12.04 per month
Hurtworld                                                            from $10.80 per month
Insurgency                                                           from $6.00 each month
Insurgency: Sandstorm                                   from $6.00 each month
Interstellar Rift                                                   from $12.05 per month
Killing Floor 2 from $8.04 each month
Left 4 Dead 2 from $9.65 each month
Life is Feudal from $8.04 each month
Medieval Engineers from $16.08 per month
Minecraft from $6.03 each month
Minecraft: Pocket Edition from $6.70 each month
Miscreated                                                            from $12.06 per month
Mordhau from $8.70 each month
Outlaws Of The Old West from $10.70 per month
Outpost Zero from $12.06 per month
PixARK from $15.66 per month
Reign of Kings from $8.04 each month
Rend from $16.00 per month
Rising World from $8.04 each month
Rust from $10.00 per month
Space Engineers from $8.44 each month
Starbound from $13.40 per month
Staxel from $17.42 per month
Squad from $13.39 per month
Team Fortress 2 from $6.70 each month
Terraria from $6.70 each month
The Forest from $15.04 per month
The Isle from $12.06 per month
Unreal Tournament 99 from $6.70 each month
Unturned from $8.00 each month
Wreckfest from $8.00 each month
Ylands from $12.00 per month
Wurm Unlimited from $13.39 per month

*Actual prices might fluctuate by a few cents due to currency fluctuations. Where it says 'each month' and 'per month', they mean the same, they are only different for alignment in the table*