Palworld: A Full Achievement Guide

Palworld: A Full Achievement Guide

Like most modern games, Palworld has achievements. Currently the game has 10 achievements due to being in early access. So there’s likely to be more than that as the roadmap ahead continues!

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Here’s your guide to all the achievements in Palworld as of writing this article:

Beginning of the Legend

Palworld Achievements-Beginning-of-the-Legend.jpg

All you need to do is to catch your very first Pal! This achievement marks the beginning of your adventure.


Newbie Pal Trainer

Palworld Achievements-Newbie-Pal-Tamer.jpg

Now you need to catch 10 Pals in total. Starting up your wonderful furry friend catching off strong


Intermediate Pal Trainer

Palworld Achievements-Intermediate-Pal-Tamer.jpg

Time to catch 20 Pals in total! Never forget the first Pal you caught, as it led you to this moment


Skilled Pal Trainer

Palworld Achievements-Skilled-Pal-Tamer.jpg

That’s a lot of Pals now! This time it’s for catching up to 50 Pals, half short of triple digits!


 Seasoned Pal Trainer

Palworld Achievements-Seasoned-Pal-Tamer.jpg

The last of the Pal collecting achievements, 90 Pals… that’s a lot! Better start collecting!


Hillside Sovereign

Palworld Achievements-Hillside-Sovereign.jpg

First of the Tower Boss achievements. Defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt at Tower of Rayne Syndicate! First taste of victory!

Snowfall Sovereign

Palworld Achievements-Snowfall-Sovereign.jpg

Next up is defeating Lily and her Lyleen at Tower of Free Pal Alliance. Get your Cold protection gear ready.


Volcano Sovereign

Palworld Achievements-Volcano-Sovereign.jpg

After that, defeating Axel and Orserk at Tower of Brothers of Eternal Pyre.


Desert Sovereign

Palworld Achievements-Desert-Sovereign.jpg

Next, it’s time to battle and defeat Marcus and Faleris at Tower of PIDF. Almost there on the Tower Boss achievements!


Astral Sovereign

Palworld Achievements-Astral-Sovereign.jpg

Final achievement! You need to defeat Victor and Shadowbeak at Tower of PAL Genetic Research. The current endgame of Palworld


There is likely more to come, with updates and expansions planned. More achievements are likely to come! So stay tuned!


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