Palworld: How to breed Pals and All the Breeding Combos

Palworld: How to breed Pals and All the Breeding Combos

In Palworld, engaging in breeding provides the opportunity to hatch formidable Pals, whether for combat, base-related tasks, or completing your Paldeck entries. The knowledge of Palworld Breeding Combos is essential for strategically planning the breeding of Pals on your Palworld server hosting, ultimately saving valuable time. To embark on this journey, acquiring a Breeding Farm and a Cake (yes, cake!) is the initial step.

This guide will walk you through the process of breeding Pals in Palworld, offering insights into crafting a Cake and setting up a Breeding Farm. If you want to know exactly which Pals to use to get a specific Pal Baby, check out the List of All Pal Breeding Combinations in Palworld

How to Get a Breeding Farm

To commence Pal breeding in Palworld, you must first construct a Breeding Farm, which unlocks at Level 19 and requires two Technology Points for activation.

The construction of the Breeding Farm necessitates the following resources:

palworld wood100 Wood


palworld stone20 Stone

palworld fiber50 Fiber

It's crucial to strategically choose the location for your Breeding Farm in your base, considering its substantial space requirements. Depending on your base's current capacity, it might be prudent to wait until reaching Level 10, enabling the construction of a second base. This additional space can serve as a dedicated area for the Breeding Farm and its associated resources.

In conjunction with the Breeding Farm, an Incubator must also be built to hatch the Eggs laid by your Pals.

However, even with the Breeding Farm in place, there's another prerequisite to fulfill before initiating the Pal breeding process.

How to make a Cake in Palworld

If you aspire to engage in Pal breeding in Palworld, crafting Cakes is imperative, with one Cake required per egg. For extensive breeding plans, it's advisable to start the baking process promptly.

To kick off your confectionery adventure, hit Level 17 and unlock the star of the show – the Cooking Pot! This culinary wonder demands two Technology Points and a scrumptious collection of materials to bring it to life:

palworld wood20 Wood

palworld ingot15 Ingots

palworld flame organ3 Flame Organs

Summon the Cooking Pot through the Technology menu in Palworld, and voila – your ticket to Pal breeding bliss is here! Just a heads up, you'll need a Pal with the Kindling Work Suitability to work the magic in the Cooking Pot, and yes, patience is key because baking a Cake is a time-intensive affair (seriously, it'll take a while).

Now, with the Cooking Pot proudly nestled in your base, gather the following dreamy ingredients to craft a single Cake:

palworld flour5 Flour

palworld red berries8 Red Berries

palworld milk7 Milk

palworld egg8 Eggs

palworld honey2 Honey

And here's a pro tip: If you're aiming for a Pals-a-plenty breeding spree, be prepared to multiply these ingredients by the number of adorable Pals on your breeding wishlist.

Ready to sweeten the deal? We've got your back with a guide on securing the essential resources for your Cake-baking extravaganza to fuel your Pal breeding endeavors:

How to Get Flour

To whip up the perfect Flour in Palworld, you're in for a journey full of growth and technology. Buckle up, as it all begins at Level 15, where the Wheat Plantation and Mill await your mastery. To unlock these wonders, you'll need to invest four Technology Points – talk about a high-tech baking extravaganza!

But before you dive into the Flour-making frenzy, you've got to track down those elusive Wheat Seeds. These little wonders are the key to both constructing your Wheat Plantation and cultivating the golden grain itself.

Crafting a Wheat Plantation demands the following ingredients:

palworld wheat seeds3 Wheat Seeds

palworld wood35 Wood

palworld stone35 Stone

Meanwhile, the mighty Mill requires:

palworld wood50 Wood

palworld stone40 Stone

Harvest the ripe Wheat, and now it's Mill time! Brace yourself – 3 Wheat transform into 1 bag of Flour, meaning you'll need a grand total of 15 Wheat to whip up enough Flour for that eagerly anticipated Cake.

How to Get Red Berries

Hunting for Red Berries for your Cake venture? Well, good news – these vibrant treats are practically everywhere, making them the ultimate easy pick! But here's the scoop: why settle for just what nature provides when you can boost your Red Berry bounty with your very own Berry Plantation right at your base?

Picture this: a flourishing Berry Plantation that not only enhances your Red Berry yield but also keeps your trusty Pals well-fed and delighted. It's a win-win!

To kick off your Berry Plantation dreams, hit Level 5 and spend those two precious Technology Points. Ready to dive in? Gather the following essentials to bring your Berry Plantation to life:

palworld berry seeds3 Berry Seeds

palworld wood20 Wood

palworld stone20 Stone

With your Berry Plantation in full swing, you'll be rolling in Red Berries, ensuring a steady supply for your Cake-making festivities and keeping your base Pals content. Let the Berry bliss begin!

How to Get Milk

palworld mozzarinaMilk, the creamy delight for your Cake creation, is within reach by defeating or capturing the elusive Mozzarina. But if you crave a steady and reliable Milk supply, your base can become a haven with the construction of a Ranch. Enlist a Mozzarina to your ranch, and voila – a regular stream of Milk awaits, ready to be collected either from the ground or your Feed Box, where your Pals might have thoughtfully stored it.

Now, onto the ranching adventure! Achieving Milk nirvana requires reaching Level 5, spending two Technology Points, and securing the following materials:

palworld wood50 Wood

palworld stone20 Stone

palworld fiber30 Fiber

And here's a nugget of wisdom: for a quick fix, you can always make a purchase from the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement to the west of the starting area. It's a steal at 50 Gold Coins per Milk.

How to Get Eggs

Eggs, the essential ingredient for your delectable Cake, might catch your eye on the ground near the adorable Chikipi. Sure, you could pick them up, but let's be honest – that's a bit of a slow and unpredictable method. Fear not, for there's a more proactive approach – earn Eggs by either triumphing over or capturing those whimsical Chikipis.palworld chikipi

Now, here's where the magic happens: just like with Milk, consider adding a Chikipi to your base's ranch. This move transforms your base into an Egg haven, as these charming creatures will occasionally lay Eggs for you. Keep stocking up until you reach the magic number 8 for your Cake masterpiece.

And for those who prefer a swift, golden shortcut, the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement to the west of the starting area has your back. Eggs are up for grabs at a steal – just 50 Gold Coins per Egg. So, whether you're on a ranching adventure or striking a deal with the wandering merchant, your Cake journey is bound to be eggstraordinary!

How to Get Honey

palworld beegardeSweetening the deal with honey for your Cake is as simple as capturing or defeating the delightful Beegardes. Just like their pals Mozzarina and Chikipis, Beegardes are more than happy to take up residence in the Ranch on your base.

Once settled in, they work their magic and start churning out honey, adding a golden touch to your culinary creations. So, capture those Beegardes, assign them to your Ranch, and let the honey-making festivities begin!

How to Breed Pals in Palworld

To kick off this delightful journey, place your eagerly prepared Cake in the convenient box on the right-hand side of the Breeding Farm – a savvy move to save some precious time.

Next up, the fun part: deciding which Pals will be the stars of your breeding venture. If you have a specific combination in mind, our Pal Breeding Combinations article is your go-to guide for making your Pal dreams come true. When choosing Pals, consider focusing on your rarest ones, those with unique traits, Alpha or Lucky Pals, as they promise the creation of formidable offspring.

Here's the scoop on the setup: make sure you have one female and one male Pal in your Breeding Farm. Easily achieve this by assigning your chosen Pals to your base and then ushering them into the Breeding Farm.

palworld breeding guide

Now, with your Cake securely in the box, all that's left is to kick back and let nature (and technology) take its course. Feel free to indulge in other activities while the timer ticks down, indicating the time it takes for your chosen Pals to breed. Once the timer hits full, head back to the Breeding Farm, collect that precious egg, and voila – you're on the brink of hatching a brand new Pal!

Pop that egg into an Incubator, embrace the anticipation, and soon enough, you'll welcome a delightful new Pal into your ever-growing collection. Get ready for the wonders of Pal breeding!