Palworld: How to Create and Join Guilds

Palworld: How to Create and Join Guilds

In Palworld, the process of establishing or joining Guilds, which enables you to share your bases with friends, lacks clear explanations.

Luckily, setting up and joining Guilds in your Palworld server hosting is a simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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How to create and join a Guild in Palworld

In Palworld, the functioning of Guilds differs somewhat from other games, at least in the current context. Each player can possess a single Guild, which currently cannot be named or customized. Players have the ability to invite others to join their Guild, with a maximum limit of 20 players. Therefore, you can invite up to 19 others to join you in your Guild.

Here's the process for inviting players to join your Guild:

  • Ensure that the person you wish to trade with is either in your multiplayer world or you are in theirs.
  • Locate each other in the game environment.
  • The person wanting to join the other person's Guild should hover their cursor over or position their camera on the player whose Guild they want to join.
  • Activate the Join Guild option by pressing and holding X on the controller or the equivalent on the keyboard.
  • The Guild host will receive a pop-up notification indicating the other person's wish to join. If you are willing to accept, confirm the request.

Here you have it. Regrettably, players will only find the number of participants in their "Unnamed Guild" in the Guild menu, without displaying their names. Currently, there is no apparent method to remove Guild members aside from leaving the world. However, Guild members have the option to voluntarily depart through the Guild menu.

What are the advantages of a Guild in Palworld?

Players within a Guild have the privilege of accessing one another's bases and utilizing various structures like workbenches and beds. My friend and I were even able to use the Palbox for trading Pals.

palworld palboxPresently, there don't appear to be additional advantages to Guild membership, although this could change with the full release of Palworld. No sharing of experience, resources, or Pals occurs within the Guild, making it worthwhile only if you want to collaborate or socialize with specific players.

Upon leaving a Guild, access to other members' bases is revoked, but it opens the possibility to join a different Guild. Based on our observations, players seem limited to joining just one Guild per world. While this may not pose a significant issue in smaller 4-player sessions, it could be more limiting in larger Palworld dedicated servers accommodating up to 32 players. We will provide updates to this information as we gather more insights into Palworld's Guild system.