Palworld: How to get Ancient Technology Points

Palworld: How to get Ancient Technology Points

One of the most important things in Palworld and progressing in its world is Ancient Technology points. Helping your growth and customisation as much as possible. But what even are they? Where do you get them and how do you use them? This is your guide on everything Ancient Technology Points

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What are Ancient Technology points?

Ancient Technology points are a system that helps you grow your list of recipes, weapons and buildings. Think of them like skill points, but for specifically crafting and with a different method to obtain them. As you don’t get them through levelling up, you must seek them yourself…


Where and how do I get them?

Two methods are involved in gaining Ancient Technology points. Both are linked to bosses, that being Alpha Pal bosses or Tower bosses.

Alpha Pal Bosses

With Alpha Pal Bosses, these tend to be overworld encounters where you fight a stronger than normal Pal marked on the map with a circle as seen here on this map:

Palworld every alpha pal location birds eye view

Alpha bosses' difficulty ramp up alongside your level, meaning a challenge always awaits you! You want to be very careful of your health with them due to this, as they will keep you on your toes. However, you can only obtain one Ancient Technology point per Alpha Pal. The map marks a defeated Alpha Pal with a check mark to show you’ve previously defeated them. Feel free to fight them again once they respawn! Just keep in mind it won’t help towards Ancient Technology points.

Tower Bosses

Tower bosses have you take on another character and their Pal as the final goal of said tower. Every Tower Boss upon completion grants you five Ancient Technology points. The first one you will face is within the tutorial of the game: Zoe and Grizzbolt. Tower Boss fights are much harder than regular fights due to the large health these characters’ Pals have. Five towers total range across the map, as seen here:

Palworld Birds eye view of tower locations on world map

The list of Tower bosses include:Palworld Tower Boss designs collective image


  • Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Lily and Lyleen
  • Axel and Orserk
  • Marcus and Faleris
  • Victor and Shadowbeak


All these uniquely designed individuals will help get altogether 25 Ancient Technology points. Talk about a deal! Just remember these are very hard challenges, especially after Zoe and Grizzbolt.


What can I unlock with Ancient Technology points?

Whilst Ancient Technology points aren’t tied to level, what you can use them with is! Items, weapons and tools are all crucial within this. So levelling up helps a lot with actually being able to use your Ancient Technology points in the first place. Here’s a list of what you can unlock with Ancient Technology points at each level:

palworld Grappling Gun

  • Level 7: Egg Incubator
  • Level 10: Small Feed Bag
  • Level 12: Grappling Gun
  • Level 14: Pal Essence Condenser
  • Level 17: Mega Grappling Gun
  • Level 20: Average Feed Bag
  • Level 22: Hip Lantern
  • Level 26: Large Feed Bag
  • Level 29: Single-shot Sphere Launcher
  • Level 32: Giga Grappling Gun
  • Level 35: Huge Feed Bag
  • Level 38: Scatter Sphere Launcher
  • Level 40: Lily’s Spear
  • Level 42: Decal Gun Set
  • Level 45: Giant Feed Bag
  • Level 47: Hyper Grappling Gun
  • Level 50: Homing Sphere Launcher

For a more in depth guide, check out the Palworld Technology List


The amount of Ancient Technology points needed varies on the item, so keep that in mind when spending them. Who knows, you might want to prioritise something sooner than later


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