Palworld Leather Guide: Saddle Up Your Ride!

Palworld Leather Guide: Saddle Up Your Ride!

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Why Leather Matters

palworld leather iconLeather is the go-to resource for crafting essential equipment in Palworld. From saddles and armor to backpacks and even building materials, this versatile material is your key to comfort, protection, and style.

Sourcing Your Skins

There are multiple ways to get your hands on leather in Palworld:

  • Hunting Specific Pals: Chillet, Direhowl, Eikthyrdeer (Terra), Foxparks, Fuack, Fuddler, Incineram, Katress, Kitsun, Mammorest (Cryst), Melpaca, Mossanda, Nitewing, Nox, Pyrin (Noct), Reindrix, Ribunny, Rooby, Rushoar, Tombat, Univolt and Vixy drop leather when defeated. Track them down, engage in battle, and emerge victorious with your spoils. (Remember, ethical hunting is crucial – consider befriending and ethically acquiring resources where possible!)palworld pals that drop leather
  • Trading with Merchants: Wandering Merchants often sell leather, but be prepared to pay a premium. Stock up when you find a good deal!palworld wandering merchant
  • Tanning Hides: This requires a tanning tub, tanning agent, and patience. But turning raw hides into usable leather is a rewarding and cost-effective option in the long run.

Prime Hunting Grounds

For the most efficient leather harvest, target these creatures:

  • Early Game: Foxparks (1-2 leather), Vixys (2-3 leather)
  • Mid-Game: Direhowls (3-5 leather)
  • Late Game: Melpacas (5-8 leather), Rushoars (5-8 leather)

Crafting Must-Haves

Once you've accumulated enough leather, put your crafting skills to the test:

  • Saddle Up: Craft a basic saddle (10 leather) or splurge on a fancy one (up to 30 leather) for ultimate riding comfort.
  • Suit Up: Protect yourself with leather armor (35 leather total) and face any foe with confidence.
  • Pack It In: Expand your inventory with a leather backpack (5 leather) or knapsack (10 leather) and never leave loot behind.

Pro Tips for Peak Performance

  • Team Up: Tackle tougher creatures like Vixys or Kelpseas with friends for a bigger leather reward (15-20 leather).
  • Community Knowledge: Check Palworld forums to discover player-identified leather hotspots.
  • Trapping & Luring: Set traps and lures for a more relaxed leather-farming approach.palworld traps
  • Sell Surplus: Don't let extra leather gather dust! Sell it to other players or at the marketplace for extra gold.


With this guide by your side, you're now a leather-savvy adventurer ready to conquer the frontier and craft your way to success in Palworld. So, grab your lasso, partner, and let the leather-collecting journey begin! Happy trails and happy crafting!