Palworld Venom Gland Mastery: Find Glands and Craft Lethal Gear

Palworld Venom Gland Mastery: Find Glands and Craft Lethal Gear

Are you ready to inflict some serious status effects on your Palworld adversaries? Want to dominate alongside your friends but need the perfect server to support your adventures? Get your Palworld server hosting sorted, and then dive into the exciting world of Venom Glands. These elusive drops from dangerous Pals unlock the power of poison, letting you craft lethal weapons and gear.

What are Venom Glands and Why Do I Need Them?

Venom Glands are a special crafting material dropped exclusively by Dark-type Pals. With these glands, you can infuse your arsenal with poison, adding a debilitating edge to every attack. Imagine crippling your enemies with lingering damage that wears away their health even after the initial strike!

How to Find Venom Glands in Palworld

Your primary method of securing Venom Glands is by defeating (or capturing) Dark-type Pals. Some of the most reliable sources include:

  • Depresso
  • Daedream
  • Cawgnito
  • Helzephyr
  • Killamari
  • Menasting

palworld pals that drop venom glands

Here's how to maximize your chances of finding Venom Glands:

  • Hunt at Night: Most Dark-types are more active in the shadows, so plan your expeditions for nighttime.
  • Target Bosses: Powerful boss Pals like Daedream and Killamari have a higher drop rate for Venom Glands.
  • Explore Dark Areas: Look for areas with poison themes for higher concentrations of Dark-type Pals.
  • Revisit Chest Locations: Treasure chests respawn in Palworld, giving you multiple chances to find Venom Glands.

Alternative: Buying Venom Glands

Desperate for that poison upgrade but short on time? Look for Wandering Merchants, such as the one in Small Settlement. They sometimes sell Venom Glands for 100 Gold Coins. Just keep in mind, gold is better spent on rare Pals and essential supplies.

palworld wandering merchant

What to Make with Venom Glands

Here's a taste of what Venom Glands can create:


Pal Equipment

Base Accessories

Additional Tips for Palworld Venom Gland Domination

  • Bring Dragon Pals: Dragon-type Pals have a natural advantage against Dark-types, giving you the upper hand in combat.
  • Empty Your Bags: Make sure you have inventory space before hunting. Venom Glands take up room!
  • Consider Trading: Swap your Venom Glands with other players for ready-to-use, high-level poison arrows.