Weapons of Valhalla: Choosing and Upgrading Your Arsenal in Valheim

Weapons of Valhalla: Choosing and Upgrading Your Arsenal in Valheim

Ahoy, young Viking! Prepping for battle? Or maybe you’re just tired of getting knocked about by a pesky Greydwarf? Fear not! We've got your comprehensive guide to understanding, choosing, and upgrading your arsenal in the treacherous realms of Valheim. Whether you're a bow-sniper or an up-close-and-personal axe-wielder, we’ve got you covered.

The Basics of Weaponry

Every good tale starts at the beginning, right? In Valheim, you won't immediately be charging into battle with a shiny Black Metal sword. Nah, mate. You'll be starting off with some pretty basic gear. Let's break it down:

Starting Weapons: When you first awaken in the mysterious world of Valheim, you've got your fists and your wits. Initially, your best bet is to craft a basic club or pick up a flint knife. They're not flashy, but they'll keep you safe from those early-game nuisances.

Weapon Types: As you progress, you'll notice a variety of weapons at your disposal. From smashing maces and lethal bows to piercing spears, your options expand as you face tougher enemies and explore different biomes.

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Understanding Damage Types

Alright, here's where things get a tad more technical. Not all weapons are born equal, and in Valheim, the type of damage they inflict is crucial.

Blunt, Slash, and Pierce: These are your bread and butter. Blunt damage (think clubs) is great against skeletons; slash damage (swords) is your all-rounder, and pierce (arrows and spears) is perfect for those enemies you'd rather not get too close to.

Elemental and Magic Damage: Now, these are rarer and typically found in end-game weapons or specific arrows. For example, frost arrows can slow enemies down, adding a strategic advantage to your fights.

From Flint to Black Metal: The Evolution of Your Arsenal

Valheim's not just about finding weapons; it's about evolving them. As you progress, your humble flint spear or wooden shield won't cut it against the game's fiercer foes.

Tier Progression: Starting with basic wood and flint, you'll eventually progress to metals like bronze, iron, and the coveted black metal. Each tier represents a leap in weapon effectiveness and durability.

Key Materials for Upgrades: While it's cool to own a bronze sword, it's the black metal and silver gear that you're ultimately gunning for. Venturing into the perilous Swamp and Mountain biomes will net you the materials needed for these top-tier items.

Weapons of Valhalla Choosing and Upgrading Your Arsenal in Valheim

Mastering Ranged Combat

Sure, charging into battle, sword in hand, is exhilarating. But sometimes, you want to take down a troll without it ever laying a finger on you.

The Power of Bows: There are several bows available in Valheim, from the basic crude bow to the swift Huntsman bow. Each has its perks, but remember – a bow's only as good as its archer!

Arrows: With a variety of arrows available, including flint, iron, and obsidian, you can choose the perfect projectile for the situation, considering damage, range, and special effects.

Melee Mayhem: Close Combat Choices

For those of you who like to be in the thick of it, let's talk melee.

Blades, Blunts, and Spears: Your choice in weapon can vastly change your combat experience. While swords offer quick slashes, maces pack a powerful punch, and spears allow for nimble, ranged stabs.

Two-Handed vs. One-Handed: It's a classic debate. Do you go for the might and range of a two-handed weapon, like the Battleaxe, or opt for the versatility of one-handed weapons with a shield in tow?

Shields: The Unsung Heroes of Combat

A warrior's best friend, shields in Valheim aren't just for defence; they're an offensive asset too.

Types of Shields: From basic wooden round shields to the towering kite shields, there's a shield for every strategy.

Blocking and Parrying: It's not just about soaking up hits. With a well-timed block, you can stagger your enemies, opening them up for a swift counter-attack.

Upgrading and Repairing: Maintaining Your Weaponry

A dull blade or a splintered bow won't get you far in Valheim.

Workbenches and Forge: Essential for any base, these crafting stations allow you to upgrade and repair your gear, ensuring you're always battle-ready.

The Role of Materials: Iron, bronze, leather scraps – collecting materials is crucial. The rarer the material, the higher you can upgrade your weapon, increasing its damage and efficiency.

Special Mention: Unique and Legendary Weapons

Beyond the standard forgeable weapons are unique items with special attributes, often tied to the bosses of Valheim. From Yagluth's thing to Draugr Fang, these weapons offer unique abilities that can shift the tide of any battle. Check our guide on Boss weapons guide.  


Experimentation is the name of the game. Try out different weapons, find your style, and always, always keep an eye out for upgrades. With a well-chosen and maintained arsenal, Valheim's challenges will soon bow before your might. Happy hunting, Viking! Or maybe it's time to take on those bosses! Valheim Ultimate Boss Guide. How To Defeat Them.

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