Palworld Egg Guide – How to Incubate and Hatch Eggs

Palworld Egg Guide – How to Incubate and Hatch Eggs

With Palworld, your Paldeck is hard to fill up. So many pals to discover and make your own, no wonder how hard it is! So here’s one way to help that process out a lot more: Eggs and Breeding. This guide is here to help you with hatching more pals on your Palworld server hosting.

Eggs add a lot more options and variety into your Pals, with a variety of eggs. From different sizes to different elements. Weight/size has three tiers: Normal, Large and Huge. The larger the egg, the rarer the Pal!

So many eggs, but what’s what?


The type of egg you find will be a tell to the element of the Pal that will hatch. Here’s the list of all the egg types and what they hatch:

  • Common egg: Neutral-type
  • Damp egg: Water-typeImage of a common egg, which is white and pink striped
  • Scorching egg: Fire-type
  • Verdant egg: Grass-type
  • Frozen egg: Ice-type
  • Rocky egg: Ground-type
  • Electric egg: Electric-type
  • Dark egg: Dark-type
  • Dragon egg: Dragon-type

The names of eggs are self-explanatory to their type. You can prioritise certain eggs over others depending on what you’re after. Focusing on certain eggs can be key to completing your Paldeck at a good pace.


How to get or find eggs


Getting eggs requires breeding, which is unlocked once you progress to level 19. You will now have access to build the breeding farm, costing 100 wood, 200 stone, and 50 fiber. Once built, you can put two opposite gendered Pals together! Feed them cake and an egg will be produced. Cake can be made at the cooking pot with 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs and 2 Honey. Different parents result in different Pals, sometimes different from their parents.

Finding eggs isn't too hard, as they have set spawn points across the whole world map. However, what egg type spawns is purely random each time. For locations, see these images taken from the Interactive map guide.

Northern & North-Eastern region:

North/Northeast area of Palworld, including a visual guide for egg location.

Screenshot from Map Genie

Middle/Central region:

Middle Central area of Palworld, including a visual guide for egg location.

Screenshot from Map Genie

Southern/South-Western region:

South/Southwest area of Palworld, including a visual guide for egg location.

Screenshot from Map Genie

So many locations for eggs, so many opportunities to find what you’re after! Any area with larger collection of egg spawn spots is what I’d recommend for collecting a multitude of eggs. Especially to help find a specific egg type you’re looking for.


I have my egg, now what?

Now it’s time to finally hatch the eggs! To do that, you’ll need an incubator, which the recipe will be needed. Unlocking the recipe requires you to have reached level 7 and an Ancient Technology point you get from bosses. Now you have the recipe, you’ll need: 10 Paldium fragments, 5 cloth, 30 stone, Palworld egg hatchingand 2 ancient civilization parts to build it! Once again these parts can be found from bosses. Having more than one is handy for breeding multiple eggs at once, so build as many as you see fit.

Place your incubator down and place an egg inside. Keep in mind, taking out the egg resets the timer. Eggs hatch faster depending on their conditions. For example, scorching eggs hatch faster when in hotter climates. Campfires or temperature changing items typically help when you can’t get to an environment the egg prefers. Hatching occurs depending on other things, like size and comfort level. Overall though, it takes around 2 hours maximum to hatch!



Pals can be hard to find when just catching them, so eggs are vital to improving your chances along your journey.


For more guides on Palworld, check out our introduction, beginners guide, Pals themselves, Weapons and more!

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