Enshrouded: Leveling Up Fast

Enshrouded: Leveling Up Fast

Enshrouded has a lot going for it, with so much to do that it can be overwhelming! But a lot of that comes with time and grinding. Your level determines a lot of what you can manage at that point. Therefore, you want to get your level up as quickly as you can on your Enshrouded server hosting!

Level Contributions?

Games define how XP works differently, so how does Enshrouded do it? Combat is the first obvious one, with bigger enemies granting bigger XP. Exploration also contributes, with every waypoint on the map giving you XP upon discovery! Mining ore even grants XP, completing quests and finding lore books do too!

So a lot of the elements of the game help with granting you growth towards levelling up. If you don’t want to make your growth tedious, then doing a mix of all of them helps! You don’t want to be too bored whilst doing this.

Gotta Level Fast

Despite that, sometimes it’s better to have the fastest way. Rather than having variety, you might want to get to a certain threshold quicker! Combat can be really useful in that regard, especially because of one aspect: Multiplayer.

Multiplayer allows friends to take on enemies in groups, meaning bosses won’t take long to beat. Everyone gains XP in groups so go right ahead! Multiplayer can be key to making this process faster, as bosses grant larger XP. Enshrouded warrior vs mage

What if you don’t have friends available that day? Well exploring is one of the best options next to that! Enshrouded is filled with Waypoints within its auto-generated world, contributing to a lot of chances for XP. This also helps if you’re more adept to exploring in games, allowing for a speedy process. Locations typically have books to read about the world, which grant XP. Make sure to check for those wherever you are! This could even result in finding some good loot along the way…

Speaking of loot, mining is also one of your best friends. Mining in general grants XP, but there are specific locations for mining. If you find a full mining spot instead of just one or two ore, congrats! Typically, ore is found on cliff sides or underground, so get exploring!

More!... More!!

So, you’ve levelled up and gotten loads of Skill Points, great! But you’re just off the one skill you’re after and looking for a way. Your best bet is the Shroud roots. These troublesome trees are tied to the dangerous Shroud areas, which you want to chop down. Not only does this help with the Shroud, it gives you more Skill Points! It’s a win win!

However, keep in mind there is typically a mini-boss guarding the roots. Multiplayer may come in handy! Roots do regrow, but don’t grant more Skill Points past the first chop down.enshrouded dungeon boss fell thunderbrute

If it’s not Fun, Why Bother?

Here’s a key piece of advice I’ll give to you reader: Have Fun! Grinding in games has a fine line between enjoyable and monotonous. It can be fun to do, but can also become like a chore. You want to enjoy Enshrouded for what it’s worth! So enjoy it, get that level up fast in the way that you find most enjoyable. Multiplayer can be a big help to enjoying grinding as you’re doing it with friends together. You share that experience with those close to you and enjoy the process in the meantime.

Sometimes grinding is good when you’ve had a busy day. Don’t have the energy for large story content? Go explore wherever the wind takes you! I may have given you the tools for fast XP, but be sure to make that process enjoyable along the way too


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