Enshrouded Live Updates

Enshrouded Live Updates

Live Updates..

Here, we will list all the developments with the new Enshrouded release. If you want to host your own Enshrouded world, you can order our amazing Enshrouded server hosting.

  • We still have stock for Enshrouded.
  • We have had to increase our prices for new Enshrouded orders due to the CPU demands. We are also setting up servers on our Extreme network that uses Rysen 9 7950x. Only the highest-performing CPU's can handle Enshrouded, if any hosts are using anything else expect lag.
  • While the master servers lists are suffering a fault you can connect to your server by adding the IP:PORT to your Steam favorites.
  • Enshrouded master server list problems.
  • Enshrouded Released on Steam, we are setting up pre orders.
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  • Enshrouded to release very soon.
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Enshrouded released on Steam.

The wait is over, Enshrouded has released on Steam at a price of €26.99/£22.49/$26.99.

Everybody ordering should prepare for wait times as the Steam network will be conjested.

Prices Of Enshrouded

Enshrouded Prices Per Currency

Enshrouded is due to release very soon. We are ready to set up pre-orders and new orders. We have been setting up more stock throughout the week and are well-equipped to deal with the influx of orders.

Enshrouded Releases in one hour

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