The Enshrouded Grappling Hook: Everything We Know

The Enshrouded Grappling Hook: Everything We Know

enshrouded grappling hook


The grappling hook plays a pivotal role in unlocking the vertical dimensions of the Enshrouded world. This article dives into the intricacies of its form and function.

Crafting the Grappling Hook

Players must gather string and mechanical parts across their explorations to craft a grappling hook at workbenches, adding it to their arsenal of equipable tools.

Core Mechanics and Usage

When aimed at grapple-able anchors like wooden platforms, cliffs, trees, pillars, and more, the grappling hook shoots out a rope, latching on and swiftly pulling the player upwards. This vertical transportation enables rapidly scaling tall structures, cliffs, and navigating wide gaps by grappling between points.

Dedicated Servers

The full game will feature dedicated server hosting so players can have their own online Enshrouded server hosting world and build communities. This was not present in the demo.

Opening New Areas

Grappling hooks grant strategic access to previously unreachable areas, whether due to sheer height or spatial gaps. Hooking onto tactical positions reveals shortcuts and hidden zones, making grappling mastery extremely valuable for progression.

Accessing Secret Loot

In particular, grappling hooks enable players to access secret chests sequestered in hard-to-reach spots. The tool offers a sneak route to highly rewarding loot.

Stamina Management

While grappling dramatically improves vertical mobility, using the tool consumes stamina. Players must thus balance its advantages against potential exhaustion, forcing careful management of stamina expenditure.

Future Upgrades

The demo hints at advanced grappling hooks in the full game. Such upgrades could enable pulling heavier loads, rapid sequential grappling, or other enhancements elevating the tool’s versatility.


From material gathering to role in exploration, the grappling hook proves itself as an indispensable tool for navigating the manifold mysteries of Enshrouded, both present and forthcoming. It epitomizes the game’s essence of skillful freedom.

In Enshrouded, to craft a grappling hook, players need to collect string and mechanical parts. String can be obtained from enemies, plants, or loot, while mechanical parts are usually found by defeating enemies, looting, or salvaging other mechanical items.

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