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Enshrouded Boss monster swing evaded

Enshrouded: Leveling Up Fast

Enshrouded has a lot going for it, with so much to do that it can be overwhelming! But a lot of that comes with time and grinding. Your level determines a lot of what you can manage at that point. Therefore, you want to get your level up as quickly as you can on your…

Palworld Biomes: Understanding the world of Palpagos Islands

Palworld‘s world is full of a variety of different locales, where different types of Pals can be found within each of them. Here is your guide to all the biomes present within the land of your Palworld server hosting. The Map as a whole Before we dive into every Biome, lets take a look at…

Palworld: A Full Achievement Guide

Like most modern games, Palworld has achievements. Currently the game has 10 achievements due to being in early access. So there’s likely to be more than that as the roadmap ahead continues! Want to create your own Palworld world? Rent Palworld server hosting and get started now. Here’s your guide to all the achievements in Palworld as…

palworld PAL genetic research unit tower

Palworld: How to get Ancient Technology Points

One of the most important things in Palworld and progressing in its world is Ancient Technology points. Helping your growth and customisation as much as possible. But what even are they? Where do you get them and how do you use them? This is your guide on everything Ancient Technology Points Want to create your…

Image of a common egg, which is white and pink striped

Palworld Egg Guide – How to Incubate and Hatch Eggs

With Palworld, your Paldeck is hard to fill up. So many pals to discover and make your own, no wonder how hard it is! So here’s one way to help that process out a lot more: Eggs and Breeding. This guide is here to help you with hatching more pals on your Palworld server hosting….

Person by the campfire

Enshrouded: Loot for Beginners

One of the big fundamentals for Enshrouded is loot, it’s how you get anywhere in your journey. Looting weapons, materials chests and so much more in your Enshrouded server hosting. So with the upcoming game, not much is known outside of trailers and footage from the demo. That’s where we come in! This is your…

Steve interacting with Bees in Minecraft whilst holding a flower

Minecraft Bees: An Introduction to these Fuzzy Friends

Beehold! An Introduction: Bees are a mob type added to Minecraft game servers in December 2019. Met with critical acclaim as part of a whole themed update around them, called the ‘Buzzy Bees’ update as fans loved these cute fuzzy yellow and black creatures. These came alongside Bee nests, Beehives and multiple honey themed items….