The Benefits of Renting An Enshrouded Server Over Hosting Locally

The Benefits of Renting An Enshrouded Server Over Hosting Locally

Benefits of hosting your own Enshrouded server:

Here, we list the pros and cons of renting Enshrouded server hosting over hosting one locally on your own PC/Laptop.



When hosted in a state-of-the-art gaming data center, peering and bandwidth are configured to ensure zero lag on your Enshrouded game server. Hosting locally on a normal residential connection with limited upload speed can cause lag and unwanted effects. Also, you won't be able to get a consistent IP address as most ISPs change your IP regularly.

Everyone can connect

Forget about the issues of hosting a session on your home PC or one of your friends hosting the session, tackling network issues, and trying to figure out why someone can't connect. With a data center-hosted Enshrouded server, you know your community of players will connect easily and stay connected.

100% up-time

When hosted in a data center, the servers run 24/7. Whether you are sleeping, your PC is off, or you are on holiday, your player base will be able to connect to your Enshrouded server and play, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please.

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Creating a community

As your server is online 24/7 and performing amazingly, you can allow others to find it or promote it online naturally. A chance to play with friends and meet new people worldwide. Some of the greatest friendships have been made online while playing games; I'm speaking from experience.

Saved progress and backups

Your world and your progress are saved and backed up. No more issues with lost or corrupted files lost worlds, and having to start again from scratch. A good Enshrouded host will back up your data regularly and have tools to restore your world at any time.

You are the server admin.

No more pushy admins or crying users saying they will get you banned. You are the god of your server, and what you say goes.

Your choice of mods

Add what mods you like to the server to enhance your server and keep your players coming back for more. Mods can be an amazing way to add excitement to your server or target a niche player base that wants to play Enshrouded in a certain way. With mods, you can remove unwanted gameplay elements that distract you from what you truly love about playing Enshrouded.

Lock your server

Make it a safe and private server for just you and your friends, with no risk of cheaters or trolls. You control who can log in. Hell, throw some girl power in there and make it a girls-only server, or only tell the password to a very select number of friends.

Cost Analysis

Renting an Enshrouded server comes at a cost, a server can cost between $10-$30 USD depending on player slots or upgrades you choose while ordering; this payment covers everything required to host an Enshrouded server like hardware,  CPU, memory, motherboard and server chassis, electricity cost, bandwidth cost, transit, peering and DDoS protection.

It should be noted that hosting a local server at your house would mean you need to keep your PC or laptop on all month. The estimated monthly electricity cost for running a PC gaming server 24/7, with an average power consumption of 500 watts, is approximately $46.80. This calculation is based on an average U.S. electricity rate of $0.13 per kilowatt-hour.

Therefore, renting a server from a trusted provider like GTXGaming is much more cost-effective than hosting your own server at home and will perform much better.

Technical support

When hosting a server with a server hosting provider, you get access to their technical support team at no extra cost. This means if you do get any issues with your game server, you can reach out to the technical support team, and they can help you diagnose and resolve the issue. When hosting locally, you only have yourself to diagnose and solve technical issues.


So your server gets super busy, and you need more power to handle the mods and constant base building that is happening. With a local server, this is not possible unless you go out and buy a new expensive gaming PC just to run your game server. When hosting with a game server provider, they can easily move your game server to a better machine, or in GTXGaming's case, they already use a powerful CPU, and you will not outgrow the machine you are on.

In summary

In summary, hosting an Enshrouded server through a service like GTXGaming offers advantages over local hosting, including better performance, consistent connectivity, continuous uptime, and community building. It's more cost-effective, considering the included technical support and scalability. With server customization, secure environment, and reliable backups, it enhances the overall gaming experience significantly.

Renting an Enshrouded game server is beneficial for achieving zero lag, ensuring everyone can connect easily, guaranteeing 100% uptime, creating a community, saving progress with regular backups, full server admin control, the ability to choose mods, and maintaining a secure, private server.

The cost of renting an Enshrouded server ranges between $10 to $30 USD, depending on player slots or upgrades chosen. This fee covers hardware, electricity, bandwidth, DDoS protection, and more, making it a comprehensive hosting solution.

Renting a server is generally better than hosting your own due to superior performance, cost-effectiveness, access to technical support, and scalability. It avoids the challenges and limitations of a local server, such as lag, connectivity issues, and the need for constant PC operation, which can be more expensive in terms of electricity costs​​.

Yes, you can transfer an existing world from either a rented Enshrouded server or a locally hosted Enshrouded server. 

Typically, Enshrouded game servers are set up almost instantly. In GTXGaming's case, you can log in immediately and see the progress of the server installation. The server will be installed in three phases. First, the user account is set up. Secondly, the server is installed with the last cached files. Lastly, the server will undergo a Steam update to ensure it is fully up to date and to install any missing files. 

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